January 29, 2015

Dear Soulmate, I have Always Loved You.


Dear Soulmate, I have always loved you.

Many may find this strange.

But those who have experienced it will understand completely.

You see, I’ve always loved you.


Way before I knew you, before you even thought of me and before I even thought of you, I already knew you.

And when I saw you for the very first time, I recognized you instantly.

I puzzled for a while, questioning where I’d saw your face and slowly it came to me.

You were with me all along.

Every small footstep, each long and winding road, every mountain I struggled to climb, was synchronized with each path you were taking.

Though at the time my mind was not alert and I did not pay attention, as I was concentrating on surviving each day—I can see now that nothing was ever in vain.

I will never forget the first words you spoke to me and how your voice resonated deeply inside my chest.

I thought my heart would break through to get to you, but we’d only just met—have patience, sweet organ, I know you’ve been waiting a life time, but, please, beat slowly and keep me calm.

I knew in an instant that I loved you.

I didn’t know whether you drank tea with no sugar, whether you liked honey on your toast or whether you talked sometimes in your sleep.

Neither did I know if this connection would last a moment nor a lifetime, but I did not care, I submerged in how it felt to be in your company, familiar, yet with so much to learn and unravel.

My imagination is wild, but I never dared to believe in someone such as you.

Our electricity connected and you turned me on.

I saw myself for the first time when I looked into your eyes. And you saw us.

You had strengths where I had weaknesses and your weaknesses built up my assets.

You knew me better than I knew myself. You never faltered, you had faith allowed me beyond your surface.

You cracked your heart wide open and you allowed me to freely step in.

We are one and the same, although, so entirely different.

When our fingers met we made our first love right there, without a care for the world, that continued around us.

You touched me in places I never knew existed, I surrendered to your love and I allowed myself to fall.

I gave you everything and you gave me myself in return.

You held out a mirror and I was no longer afraid to look, I could not see me without knowing you first.

Our fragmented pieces smoothly slid firm into place.

You fearlessly drove and you never once doubted our love.

You ran through each bone in my body and then printed your name on my heart.

My veins pulsed wildly when you tenderly showed me your love.

You gave me it all.

And I loved you more.

I had no choice.

There is no reason nor no explanation for love.

You were always the one and I have always loved you.

I waited and you waited and we finally arrived together.


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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Flickr; pixoto

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Read 41 comments and reply

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