January 3, 2015

Dream Big.


Manifest our dreams.

Dreaming is part of the human condition. All of life is made of pure creative energy and it’s our birthright to co-create our lives and manifest our dreams.

Whether it be Honest Abe’s road to Presidency, Mr. Bell’s brilliant telephone, Queen Beyoncé and all of her bright shiny wonders, or my secret (not so secret anymore) dream of one day becoming Oprah’s protégé.

It all starts with a dream, a seed, an idea. We are meant to be dreamers. The dreams of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers all over the globe are my dreams and  the dreams of all humanity.

Through our courage in honoring, following and manifesting our dreams, we pave a way for those who are yet to come.

Every time an artist connects with their masterpiece we are reminded that purpose is real and we are inspired to take action. It is our obligation to do the things that make us happy and connect us to Source.

This task is not for the weak hearted. It is not always the easy way—but it is the only way.

Just as a seed needs healthy soil, sunshine and regular watering to thrive, our dreams require similar cultivation in order to manifest. An idea grows rapidly in a healthy mental atmosphere, fueled with positivity, action and receptivity.

For me, this New Year is all about releasing my intentions and trusting in the natural ebb and flow of the Universe.

When things seem challenging, there are many things we can do to re-inspire and reignite the fire within us.

1. Look to the soul for the things that are known (and for that which seem unknown).

Sit in silence. Listen. Breathe.

After a period of meditation and quiet and without any judgment or reservation write down each and every little desire. Speak them out loud. Release the intentions and collective dreams into the unknown and know that the Universe is constantly conspiring in our favor.

2. We must believe in ourselves!

Work, work, work and practice some more. Work purely for the benefits of the practice knowing that there is always a bountiful harvest for us to savor.

We must say kind things to and about ourselves and know that we are worthy of all the good and abundance in the Universe. When all else fails sit in front of a mirror and say “I am Extraordinary” until it’s actually believable!

3. Remember that love has a higher vibration than fear.

Choose the thoughts that feel good and change the negative thoughts and associations connected to whatever is being co-created. View every crossroads and every perceived challenge as an opportunity to choose love over fear.

4. Gratitude is positive.

If we are thankful, we can easily invite more positive energy into our lives. Say, “thank you” every damn day and choose joy.

5. Detach from the outcome.

Release the attachment to the how and when and allow things to unfold without holding on to a timeline. We must let go of what we think things should look.

I am a woman full of dreams. I can dream like the best of them.

My entire life has been a never-ending journey of diligently working towards my dreams. As I faithfully trudge from state to state, over oceans and across mountains, I have discovered the unfolding of new dreams that I didn’t know existed.

With these shifts I have learned to make adjustments in my career, in my budget and in my community. I cultivate and honor the desires of my heart, knowing that when I reach farther than I can grasp, I find new and beautiful opportunities waiting for me.

During the past year I realized that I had an additional hidden dream: to be a fairy godmother.

I want to wave a magic wand and make the deepest yearnings of everyone’s heart come true.

I want each and every beautiful human to be living their very best life. I want every child, teen and adult to bathe in happiness, health, abundance and prosperity.


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Author: Elissa Cirignotta

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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