January 21, 2015

For the Free-Spirited, Fast & Fearless Aries Female.

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Born on March 27th, I am a classic female Aries.

I am true to my sign and so are two of my sisters, whose birthdays are 24th and 28th March.

So, for each of us and for all the other free spirited Aries out there, here’s a little description of the female Aries traits and characteristics.

We’re born between March 21st and April 20th.

Firstly, an Aries woman will rarely play by the rules of the book. She will make up her own rules for life and love as she goes along. She won’t have a care for what people think of her and she certainly won’t be living her life to please others.

Although an Aries woman will be naturally seductive, sensual and feminine, she can also have a strong and heady masculine side to her too. She will find it impossible to be submissive and will not take kindly to old-fashioned stereotypes depicting typical female roles.

Aries women will recognise men and women as equals.

She will happily carry out her tasks around the house and in the kitchen, just so long as she’s not taken for granted and that the chores are being shared out fairly. So too will she help out in the garden, fixing cars and any other jobs that require attention.

It is highly unlikely that an Aries woman will be sitting around waiting for someone else to make the first move. Independent and dominant, she will see what she wants and she will not have any patience to wait for it. Especially so when it comes to relationships.

Aries are natural born leaders so she will not feel comfortable with following crowds. She does not set out to lead, she just marches to the beat of her own drum and others are often compelled to follow.

She can come across as demanding and aggressive and can be blunt and abrupt when dealing with things, however, she does not mean to be. Aries typically just need a gentle nudge to slow down and she will soon soften a little.

The whole world can seem like a magnificent place to an Aries woman—one huge adventure playground waiting to be explored. And she will be looking for an energetic playmate that will keep up.

Her imagination will be wild, she will be impulsive and she may foolishly set off in seek of magic without any planning or packing beforehand. She quite simply forgets to look ahead at what could go wrong. Aries females tend to have a child-like innocence, which can cause her to be incredibly naive. She prefers to see the world through rose-tinted spectacles and she will find it difficult to imagine that others wish to do her harm.

This can often lead to leaving herself wide open to trickery and also to being easily deceived. This is partly because Aries women like to believe that everyone she comes into contact with can be trusted.

It is a harsh and painful lesson for the Aries female when she discovers that things are not always as they seem. However, once bitten and twice shy, she will be on high alert if she is caught out, so pity the fool who tries to trick her again.

Everything with an Aries woman will be done in a hurry. To an Aries woman, there will never be enough hours in each day and she will cram as much into life as possible. This often means that important things are missed out, because little attention is paid to detail. Life is too short and time flies too fast according to an Aries female.

Patience is not one of Aries strongest traits. Again, with the clock of life ticking by so quickly everything becomes rush. Which is fine for Aries as they enjoy speeding along, however others may find this trait a little annoying at times.

Aries women do not get enjoyment out of talking about things, as she would rather be out there getting things done. Other star signs may prefer to slow things right down which can be an ideal time for Aries to consider adding some balance to her life, although it may also lead to conflicts.

Aries women can come across as vulnerable and fragile on this inside and this can often appear as though they are needy and insecure. While this may be partially true as Aries can have issues with security, a lot of the fragile outer shell is not all as it seems. Aries women are possibly the most resilient and toughest females of the zodiac.

Failure is not in the Aries vocabulary.

She will try, fall down and get back up again a million times or more before admitting any defeat. Quite often, she will start at the bottom and work her way to the top with lightning speed—but once there, boredom can set in and so without thinking, she swiftly moves onto the next challenge.

Challenges for an Aries woman are never ending. Unfortunately though, they are not always the types of challenges she is looking for. Tough times and hardships are par for the course, however, with grit and pure determination, Aries females can fight their way through thick and thin, navigating whatever obstacles are in the way.

An Aries female is a survivor and with each tough lesson that comes her way, she manages to somehow turn things around to create something positive. And if all else fails, a lesson will have been taken on board and learned (for the time being!)

Aries women tend to fall hard and fast where love is concerned, but be wary, as she falls just as quickly out of love too. Holding onto a relationship can be a struggle unless she finds a partner with an equally strong spirit.
Although a hopeless romantic, Aries women will not feel the need to be in a relationship to get her needs met. Aries females are strong and independent by nature and she will be capable of doing pretty much everything on her own.

Most of the romance in an Aries’ world will be played out in her head as she daydreams, fantasises and lives in a fairy tale. She will idealise about what she sees as the perfect partnership and one worthy of making a long-term commitment to.

She sets her standards high, so when she eventually finds what she has been searching for, she won’t want to let it go.

To be attractive to an Aries female, one would need strength of character and a heap of courage. The Aries woman may test her partner’s nerve time and again to see if they are able to stand up and be counted on when the heat is on. She will be looking for someone with high morals and a strong backbone.

An Aries woman will most likely put trust at the top of her list of the qualities she looks for. This is partly due to the fact that she says whatever she means. She’s loyal and trustworthy, so she will be looking for the same in return—Aries females like to be free to come and go as they please and for their partner to be able to do the same.

Aries females do not want to have to think twice about their partner’s motives, whether they have an agenda, what they have been up to or if what they are saying is true. She is looking for honesty, authenticity and complete and utter trust.

If the trust is broken, Aries females may continue with the relationship, exposing herself to the possibility of further hurt, however, she will begin to build a protective wall around herself. Plus, she will subject her partner to a million and one questions to try to establish where the truth lies, which is no fun for anyone.

As trust diminishes, so too will the relationship as she will drift further and farther away until one day she will sever the cords unexpectedly. The main reasons for Aries leaving a relationship are due to her feeling unloved, unappreciated or if the trust has been broken and she has suffered a painful betrayal.

Being able to completely trust one another will be the one component that is vital for a solid and healthy relationship with an Aries woman. As jealousy can be one of Aries’ more negative traits, she will not willingly put herself in situations where jealousy can rear its ugly head.

Even though an Aries female can quickly become jealous, she will not appreciate it if her partner gets jealous. She will quickly feel stifled and suffocated if she is constantly questioned and this will likely lead to her looking for an escape route.

This is double standard coming from a female that can suffer from jealousy herself, however, Aries have a strong desire to fly, so having their wings clipped will prompt her to put up a good fight to free them.

The ideal relationship for an Aries is one where both partners are trustworthy so there is freedom to fly and space to breathe on both parts.

Another issue for the Aries female is dealing with people who enjoy playing mind games. This is confusing mainly because the rules will be so complicated for the Aries female to figure out. Being such a straight talker, she is not familiar with those who want to engage in games and will not take kindly to someone trying to play them.

She will likely see game playing as dishonesty and because trust is at the top of her list, it is quite possible ties will be cut there and then. No time will be wasting wallowing in grief, she will consider the ending as a lucky escape, brush herself off and then quickly move onward and upward.

Aries females are always fighting for the underdog.

If there is unjust in the world, or someone is in a dangerous situation, she will be fiercely courageous in the battle for the cause. She has a special affinity with animals and will most likely be just as happy around furry friends as she is around people.

She is a loyal and faithful ally and one that can be depended on when times are at their toughest. Aries females will drop everything in life so that she is free to assist someone in need, even if it means she has to go without herself.

She is a free-spirited wanderer, who will be at her happiest outdoors, climbing trees, risk-taking and pushing herself to the extreme. She is passionate, intuitive, constantly learning, exploring and discovering and she has a determined and fearless attitude. An Aries female is capable of getting whatever she wants and doing anything she sets her mind to.

Aries are complex characters—sweet, tender and sensitive souls, combined with the type of strength and courage even the most ferocious of lions would be proud of.

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Author: Alexsandra Myles

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Joe St. Pierre/Flickr

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