January 7, 2015

Freedom of Speech is not Free.


We do not have freedom to speak.

It has never been free. Regardless of what we would like to think, or believe or hope or idealize.

For though speech is free, it is not without a price.

Our words are free only in our minds. Once written or voiced their wings are clipped, they will be held, caught, judged, critiqued, chewed up and spat straight back out.

A bad taste will linger where truth once lay. Left shaken and stirred, misunderstood, or understood but with no attempt or possibility of understanding.

We are not free to express, although, expression is free.

Our views, so uniquely unique, can never trace the same lines with another.

We are conditioned and nurtured and our nature is only natural to us.

And when a view is not shared or celebrated or adored we may be crucified. We may be bullied and patronized or thrown to the lions to rip and tear into our souls.

Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Solace or hatred aligns and commits to the cause. From innocent thoughts to words not thought out or deliberate ramblings intended to stir. Our words, we forget, can be cold and callous and resonate where least expected.

Eruptions and violence and violations and riots appear.

We all can speak our truths, our words, our thoughts and our feelings. We have voices and pens to enable our minds to fight, dance or play in the world.

But let our words not hurt, let our thoughts not belittle, let our minds not damage and let our expressions not express any hate.

Let us remember that we are free to think, to feel, to speak. But our opinions can be snared, shot down captured and imprisoned. So when we think about our thoughts, let’s remember to think again for while speech is free and we have freedom to express, our expression once expressed is responsible.

Let’s speak with love and acceptance, let’s open our minds and our hearts, let’s not judge others and let’s allow individuality, let’s be kind with our beliefs, let’s share our opinions with care and let’s not believe that someone different is someone wrong.

When we speak let’s think twice. Or maybe three times or four.

When there’s instability and war, anger and violence, depression and oppression, truth and lies, sadness, heartbreak, resentment and grief on every corner, do we need to keep adding more fuel?

Can we exist side by each side, walk by if we must, turn blind eyes if we have to, but not condemn and ignite, poke and twist knives to cause more destruction and devastation and open old wounds or keep wild fires simmering.

We are free to speak our words, but let our words be of love—from a place of love. Let our words be for change, to create and uplift and be voices for the voiceless and unheard.

Let’s find our freedom to speak, but let our speech be about freedom. Freedom to live and let live and let live.

Words once spoken and expressed, conjure emotions.

Emotions can turn to action. And action will no doubt turn back to emotion.


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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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