Mountain Beauty. {Poem}

Hartwig HKD/Flickr

As I age

my forms rise and fall

like hills and valleys sculpted by winds.

Let me not attach myself

to a number, a year, a weight,

a face, a belly, one manifestation of skin.

But let me be

like a mountain, weathered

made more beautiful

by time’s flow


blessing the Earth

like the ancestors who came before.

Let me add

to the beauty of the world as it is

ever changing.


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Author: Mary Grace Bertulfo

Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/ Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Hartwig HKD/Flickr

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Genevieve Rohan Jan 11, 2015 9:05am

Lovely! My theme for classes this month is abundance> I plan to read your poem at savasana. It speaks to me of the abundance of our lives, man or woman.

Mel Mober Jan 10, 2015 10:04pm

Mountain Beauty describes perfectly what women truly are. Like mountains-we are sculpted by years of wonderfully fulfilled duties: raising family, building career, sharing awesome memories with loved ones. These are what make a woman truly beautiful! Thank you for this beautiful tribute.

Mary Grace Bertulfo Jan 10, 2015 4:50pm

My new poem, "Mountain Beauty", was just published on elephant journal, a wonderful online forum I love. May it be of benefit. Women, how do you feel, embrace, or define beauty as you age? Men-folk, what about you?

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Mary Grace Bertulfo

Mary Grace Bertulfo has written for television and children’s education in such venues as CBS, Pearson Education Asia and Schlessinger and for conservation magazines such as Sierra and Chicago Wilderness. Her fiction has appeared in Growing Up Filipino II and Amerasia Journal. She has taught writing and story development strategies to a wide range of students from early childhood to college, in libraries, schools and on nature walks. She believes the natural world offers great beauty and human beings are a part of this sacredness. To learn more about Mary Grace, please visit her website.