January 16, 2015

Our Love is an Ocean.


 Our Love is an Ocean.

I don’t know how to talk about the love we share

Because my heart is so swollen and tender,

So plump with joy, so stuffed full of soft kisses

That it hurts.


I’m afraid I’ll burst

Into a thousand precious pieces

Just from brushing up against the bristles of your prickly beard.


I’m afraid I’ll melt

Into a soggy puddle of salty tears,

From your sensuous, sweetly passionate embraces.


But that’s just it—

Our love welcomes those tears,

Our love welcomes it all.


Our love is an ocean.


It’s pure and vast, spanning to Spain and back

Constantly moving, never stagnant

Always cascading

Ever flowing

Ever evolving.



We know we can count on

The soothing, rhythmic motion of those choppy waves to calm our restless souls.

The salty sea foam splashes to land skillfully on our thirsty tongues.

The delectable comfort of holding each other’s briny, tear-stained hearts each night.


Our love is not just love—it’s a steady foundation for something deeper.


Our love is an ocean.


And we are lucky enough to be on the same wave,

Our wounded hearts reaching out to crash upon the shores

Of this grief-stricken life together.


Then we both rise again,

Flowing together

Always together

Holding each other’s salty hands

Smiling madly from ear to ear

Eyes stinging with passionate compassion.


Our love is an ocean.


I want to sit all day

My hair tangled and windswept,

My cheeks raw and ocean-kissed

Breathing in the sweetly salty scent

Of our balmy, deep-sea love.


But, most of all

I want to dive into you

And touch the phosphorescent coral reefs

In your heart.


Our love is an ocean,

Always cascading

Ever flowing

Ever evolving.


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 Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Marina Aguiar/Flickr

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