The Day I Broke Up with Lululemon.



A few years ago, I was chatting with my bestie, when she dropped the bomb, “You know Lululemon isn’t made in Canada anymore?

This simple statement changed my relationship with Lulu forever. I felt cheated, lied to, betrayed. It was over. And so began the seven stages of grief:

Shock: “What? Are you sure?” She assured me that a Yogini friend of hers had just been in the store and the tags now read, “Designed in Canada. Made In China.”

Denial: No, it can’t be true. This Yogini doesn’t know what she’s talking about. So a couple of days later, when the shock had worn off, I had to see for myself. I marched into my local Lululemon to prove her wrong, or so I thought.

Anger: OMG it is true! While walking around looking at the tags, I found “Designed in Canada, made in China.” Made in China!  As someone who is trying be socially responsible, I had been doing my best to avoid buying things made in China. The thought of some eight year old child in a sweatshop making my yoga clothes was breaking my heart.

Bargaining: Okay, but I have this gift card I was given for my birthday… I’ll just spend that, then I’ll never set foot in here again. It was a gift, after all. I can’t be rude and let it go to waste.

Depression: It had taken me forever to find cute, well-made yoga clothes that lasted. I was comfortable in my Lululemon. The store was just down the street. I even got a discount. Was I going to have to settle for ill-fitting yoga pants that don’t last? Was I going to have to wear unitards or learn to sew?

Testing: Okay, so if I wasn’t going to shop at Lululemon, where could I get my yoga clothes? I poured myself a mug of tea and pulled out the laptop. Ahhh, the power of Google. I started to search, “Yoga clothing made in Canada” and “Yoga clothing made in the USA.” Well, whaddaya know? There’s actually a lot out there.

Acceptance: After the break up, I could see things more clearly. Although I had grown comfortable and secure with Lululemon, the truth was it never really was a good match. I realized the signs were there from the beginning.

I never really jived with their message or values.

There was also a lack of larger sizes, which always bothered me, as a girl gifted in the bootie. They really only had one style of pants I could wear.

Truth be told, I was more punk rock than sporty anyway. In the long run, it was a good thing. Lulu and I were never really meant to be after all. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.

Once I broke up with Lululemon, I was free to try all kinds of cute, sustainable, sweatshop-free yoga threads.

I now wear yoga clothing I can teach in guilt-free. I said goodbye to LuLulemon and never looked back.

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Author: Nyk Danu

Apprentice Editor: Megan Ridge Morris/ Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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Janey Bell Mar 21, 2016 9:45pm

Chip Wilson’s (founder of lulu) wife started a company called Kit and Ace. Non of those clothes are made in Canada either. $98 for “technical cashmere” which is no more than 11% cashmere and the rest is synthetic and made in China.

JTC Mar 20, 2016 8:52pm

Asa former lulu employee, I am never in love with the brand. I'm not a fan of lulu. The company has grown into this pretentious, self-serving, heavily political (office politics) monster, and it Never cared about the environment no matter what they tell people. But there are a few misconceptions that should be clarified:
1. Just because it is made in China (or Cambodia, or Sri Lanka, or anywhere else but North America), doesn't mean it is made in sweatshops by children
2. The costs of Canadian manufacture is often very high for businesses to be successful, it is often 1/3 more expensive than the US, let alone anywhere else
3. Honestly, textile and apparel industries are way more developed in Asia than North America. Because the industries left NA decades ago but never left Asia. The machinery, technical skills and material innovation is much higher in general. US, Germany, and a few other countries have some very advance technical materials, but overall on a mass production scale, there's no comparison.

realisticideals Jun 23, 2015 9:11am

"Made in China! As someone who is trying be socially responsible, I had been doing my best to avoid buying things made in China. The thought of some eight year old child in a sweatshop making my yoga clothes was breaking my heart."

Published in Elephant Journal!! As someone who is trying to be an informed reader, I had been doing my best to avoid reading ignorant stereotypes. The thought of some writer who didn't bother to do her research before writing some prejudiced drivel that also slipped past an editor is breaking my heart.

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