The Easiest Way to Look Younger Instantly.

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There are tons of gimmicks and expensive face lotions that swear to make us look younger and more beautiful.

But I promise you, this one really works.


That’s right. Smiling.

Smiling makes us look two years younger, instantly! (i) People rated photographs of others smiling, with neutral expressions, and with angry expressions. People consistently rated the smiling faces as two years younger than their actual age.

But the benefits don’t stop there. People judged the smilers to be more attractive.(ii) Identical faces shown with neutral expressions were rated less attractive.

Eight reasons to smile. (iii)

1. Smiling is contagious.
2. Smiling lowers stress and anxiety.
3. Smiling releases endorphins.
4. Smiling strengthens the immune system.
5. Smiling makes us more approachable.
6. Smiling will makes us more comfortable.
7. Smiling makes us seem more trustworthy.
8. Smilers make better leaders.

The crazy thing is, the smile doesn’t even have to be a real one.

We can fake it.

And still see the benefits.

I used to be in the Air Force, and one of the things we used to say about giving speeches is.

“Fake it ‘til you make it.”

Which means act like we are confident and it begets confidence.

Smile, and our smile begets a happier, healthier, younger looking us.

So why wait? Go ahead. Smile!


(i) A study published in Psychology and Aging (2011).

(ii) Golle, Mast & Lobmaier (2013).

(iii) The European Journal of Psychology (2014).


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Author: Eliza Groff 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr, blogspot

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Eliza Groff

Eliza Groff is a freelance writer in Okinawa. She is an Air Force Academy graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Sciences in Leadership and Organizations with a minor in French. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is a certified yoga teacher and founder of Okinawa Japan Adventure Yoga. Eliza loves to travel and see the world. She has studied yoga and holistic health all over the world to include Costa Rica, Morocco, Senegal, Honduras, Cambodia, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.