January 7, 2015

The Everlasting Life. {Poem}

The Everlasting Life

In just one single instant, all of this began

Born from that moment, was space, water, land

The idea it was simple, right from the start
A place for you all, to play out your part

There was a plan we devised, both you and I
A plan you’d remember, if only you’d try

So keep calm my children, my partners in this plan
Keep still and silent, and soon you’ll understand

The stories they’ve told you, through time on your land
Are purely fictitious, and not at all who I am

They’ve told these tales, right from the start
So frightened that they made you, they nearly drove us apart

They told you I’d leave you, if you let me down
But this cannot happen, for I’m always around

There is no separation, between you and I
No chance you’ll be apart from me, not even if you try

It’s been said I’m creating you, but this is not true
You’re creating and defining me, with everything you do

So I sent you my teachers, to show you what’s so
And now you are remembering, so soon you will know

So hear the words of the teachers, and those who know our plan
And never again will you beseech to me, that you don’t understand

I gave you your lives, to do with as you please
There’s no need to worship me, or fall down to your knees

So live life without worry, with no hate or fear
For those are not the reasons, that you chose to come here

This world is your playground, for you to create
But do so with love, not fear, rage or hate

It’s your thoughts words and actions, that will create what you choose
If you live life with this knowing, there is no chance you’ll lose

Live each day remembering, that your life is a choice
And the tears of sadness that you’ve cried, will become tears of rejoice

Yes this blessed eternal moment, it will never end
Forever I will love you and adore you, every woman, child and man


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Author: Michael P. Langelaan

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author


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Read 1 comment and reply

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