January 7, 2015

The Writer’s Manifesto.

 writing in the rain_jojo

We are the writers out to change the world.

We write because our hearts are on fire and the only way to soothe them is to write.

We don’t write what the world wants to hear because we must stay true to ourselves. We don’t let them change our lines or gloss up our message because we wouldn’t be able to look at ourselves in the mirror.

We only write about the things we feel deep in our chests because that’s our calling. We keep hooking up our hearts to the IV of our arms and letting it drip out of our fingertips.

We write on grocery receipts and paper napkins and post-it notes, jotting down the whispers of our soul when it speaks and putting them together like pieces of a puzzle that just need one final piece: our courageous voice.

We keep asking the hard questions, letting the answers land on our shoulders like an unexpected butterfly. We keep sending our messages out into the world because that’s what changes it: speaking our truth and doing what we love.

It changes the world because it changes our world. It turns on the light behind our eyes and everyone we meet sees it. It brings us alive and everyone we greet knows it. It gives us the skip in our step, the twinkle in our eye and the willingness to engage with life whole-heartedly.

We keep listening to our hearts beat and deciphering its Morse code day after day after day. We write that down because even though it’s not how we make our living, it’s how we come alive.

We are out to change the world and we’ve already succeeded. We’ve shifted our own world. We’ve raised our vibration. We’re becoming the change we want to see.

We are standing up to live before we sit down to write and that’s how the world shifts:

one life at a time, one world at a time, one word at a time.



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Author: Monique Minahan

Apprentice Editor: JoJo Rowden / Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: José Manuel Ríos Valiente/Flickr 

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