February 11, 2015

14 Months. {Poem}

 Porsche Brosseau/Flickr

I can’t do this right now.

I need to regroup.
This is stressing me out.
(No… please, no.)
I haven’t come to an epiphany.
Wait for me?
(I can’t.)
While I sort it out?
(I can’t do this anymore.)
But I want you.
(You keep saying that.)
I have no reason to lie to you.
(But you do.)
I have been honest with my feelings.
(It’s all a smoke screen.)
I have faith in this, and I don’t have faith in much.
(You don’t believe in faith.)
I need you.
(I have been reduced to nothing.)
You are my safe harbor.
(I am nothing.)
You are my kindred spirit.
(Please don’t go.)
We can find a way to make it work.
(I want that too.)
Let’s try to come up with a plan.
I like you… is that not enough?
(I love you.)
That is not allowed.
(I allowed myself to fall in love with you.)
You cannot do that.
It’s not in the plan.
This is stressing me out.
(I am nothing.)




Talk to Me. {Poem}


Author: Leslie Barrett

Assistant Editor: Leah Krol/Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Flickr

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