February 9, 2015

Breathe… {Poem}



Take a moment
Just a moment to stop and smell the flowers
Stop and smell the dew covered fields
A moment where you stop racing through this life
Where you take the time to embrace the simplicity of it all
See that everything is alive
Everything breathes
Watch the wood in the walls of your house breathe
Watch the leaves on the trees
See the energy of the sun’s rays as they wash upon your face
Vibrating love and nurturing your soul
The Earth’s clouds as they dance across the blue sky
Nature’s ballet
Go into your garden
Watch the soil soak up the rain
Feed the roots and slowly working its way to the fruit of the plant
Watch the blossom bloom
Full with each inhale and exhale it is changing
Everything is alive
Everything is breathing
Everything is changing
Each millisecond
With every blink—nothing is the same as before
Slow down
Feel it
Embrace it
Love it
Love each breath
Each plant
Each person
For each being is a force of energy
A force of love
We are all love
We are all connected
We are all one
I am the dirt
I am the tree
I am the bird
I am the sea
I am you
And you are me


Author: Hannah Hilton

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Wikimedia

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Read 1 comment and reply

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