February 27, 2015

For the Love of Breasts.


Breasts are beautiful—how to love our breasts.

I am a breast worshipper. In the last few years I have learned to love and appreciate my own breasts—to hold them sacred as love centers.

Breasts, in their true essence, offer an out pouring of love, nurturing and nourishment.

They are deeply connected to the heart and to the love of the divine mother. A woman who truly connects with her breasts will know the beautiful feeling that arises from fully embracing them for their spiritual, as well as physical qualities.

Women are sensual beings and breasts are a source of deep, desirable sensual energy.

This is not the same as breasts being objects of desire. The porn star breast is a relatively new phenomenon—one that is oppressive to a woman’s spirit.

A woman in her true sensuality becomes desire, is the source of her own desire and her breasts hold the energy of her sacred feminine essence.

In a culture that no longer honors the divine within, breasts attract the eye rather than the full being. As such, women no longer feel truly connected to their bosoms. Breasts should be desirable because they offer the most delicious, loving energy—not because they fulfill some mental concept of what is hot.

We have a society of women who are unhappy with their breasts.

They are too big, too small, too saggy, too droopy—or not good enough in some way or another. Or breasts are seen as objects for breast milk production—woman as cow.

Even “perfect” breasts lose their connection to love.

I have two friends, who have recently undergone the painful procedure of having breast implants removed. Both experienced chronic and debilitating health problems, which they eventually linked to their implants.

It scares me to think that we live in a society that encourages brutal ways for women to feel comfortable in their bodies. We condemn countries that force women into female genital mutilation and limit their capacity to actually enjoy sex. Places where feminine desire is deemed dangerous.

What about self-enforced breast mutilation?

I understand why some women choose surgery, but feel sad that we live in a culture that encourages breast shame.

What about wild breasts, loving breasts, sensual breasts, erotic breasts, real breasts, wholesome breasts, nurturing breasts, nourishing breasts, healing breasts, breasts that have substance, passionate breasts , breasts that are expressions of the most beautiful sacred aspects of what it means to be woman.

This is how I now experience my own breasts.

I can feel the love that flows from the divine feminine, the universal mother, the great goddess through my breasts.

When I do they become filled with the healing, nourishing waters of life. I imagine this love spilling over to nourish me, my lover and ultimately the world.

This is an experience hard to describe but one I want to encourage every woman to feel.

I spent my teenage years thinking my breasts were too small—wishing I had chi-chis that could rival a porn star. Luckily, dropping my old judgements and embracing the true nature of my breasts, has led to a deep love affair.

I still feel protective of them. There is a natural sensitivity that I want to honor.

I only want them to be touched by a partner who senses into their true nature. Who can touch them with true love, appreciation and devotion. When a man truly loves his women’s breasts as an expression of her sacred, sensual, feminine essence, there is a deep healing that can happen.

All the shame and negative programming can gently be purified. He is then blessed by an out pouring of love, nurturing and nourishment—something many men crave but cannot name.

Sex then steps up to the next level—one where it is guided by love and a deep seeing of the other as the beloved.

One way a woman can do this for herself is through daily holding and massaging of the breasts—especially if she approaches this with an attitude of pure reverence.

I touch my breasts regularly—even when driving in my car. When I started massaging my breasts, it felt like I was clearing layers of negative energy around sexuality – ancestral, as well as societal.

Initially this was uncomfortable, but soon very subtle and delicious sensations arose from my breasts and heart—and this in turn nourished my experiences of love-making.

Another tantric practice is to bring subtle energy up from the yoni, or vagina, to the breast and heart area.

In this practice, slowly, sensually move your hands upwards from your womb area, visualising the energy flowing up to nourish your bosom. Then extend your hands outwards in front of you, sending loving energy out into the world, before moving your hands back to your yoni to draw the energy upwards again.

Repeat this cycle as many times you like.

So women, love your breasts. Become wise—teach younger women to do the same. Release the old shame and judgements—they no longer serve you.

Discover the bliss that comes from the love and liberation of your lovely bosom.


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Author: Talia Yanate

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author, flickr

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