February 19, 2015

I Will Love You Till…


My Love, my heart aches exquisitely for your love, it craves your love, it swells with each word you whisper, pumps wildly at the vibration of your name and denies its beat when you draw me in close.

Let’s never fight this love, let’s not battle for it or against, let’s surrender each cell of our souls and absorb and submerge in the bitter sweetness of our worlds that we make believe are true and almost wish to deny.

For I love this pain we both share, I love the intense, thrashing sensations that electrocute my mind to alert me that you are close by. And my erotic demands that cry out to you when you are too far from my touch.

I love the pleasure and the ecstasy, the thrills and the twists and the bends that carve dirty dust tracks with their desire.

I am compelled to love your love, the force is stronger than I, and I shall never attempt its defeat.

So, I will love you, My Love, and I will love this love that found us until…

I’ll love you till the light’s too scared to shine and steal the dark.

I’ll love you till each mountain drops below to kiss the ground.

I will love you till the wind stops still to torture breathing lungs.

I’ll love you till stubbornness lies between shores and crashing waves.

I’ll love you till each burning bridge no longer burns.

I’ll love you till every grain of sand spills through glass hours.

I’ll love you till the pulse of earths core’s no longer heard.

I will love you till each raindrop’s caught in thirsty lips.

I will love you till each bright wishing star’s fell from the sky.

I will love you till the alchemist’s blends won’t mix to gold.

I’ll love you till each poisoned drop no longer kills.

I’ll love you till my bare foot prints have touched all land.

I’ll love you till the magnets force is too weak to pull.

I will love you till every primal thought has left each mind.

I’ll love you till the blazing phoenix simmers down.

I’ll love you till all spider’s silky webs have finally spun.

I will love you till all the lonely wolves no longer howl.

I’ll love you till every dove that visits no longer sings.

I’ll love you till a never ending infinity meets its end.

I’ll love you till the last long lash finally draws to close.

I love you from now and from whenever and till forever when we meet in far off time.

My love is limitless for this love. It is endless and it’s careless and it’s frantic and it cares for nothing more than to live and then die slowly within the depths of this love.

That is all that it wants. All that is asks.

To love you. To love this.



We’re Kindred Souls, You and I.


Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Ian Lott/Flickr

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