February 6, 2015

Mercury Retrograde might be BS, but Dön Season is coming to get you.

best defense

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Presents…

Here’s how to survive Dön Season: Be-aware.

Further reading: Dön Season: How to Survive the Next 10 days of Chaos.

> Dön Season: Be Very, Very Afraid! ~ Eileen Malloy

This is the most Dangerous time of the year in the Eastern Calendar.

Dön Season is a time when the accumulated karmic dust bunnies of the past 12 months gather—and doing one thing at a time, with mindfulness is particularly vital.

Don Season, the Buddhist end of year, is coming: now is not the time to make major life or business decisions or to travel. Stay safe by staying present! 

Stay close to home, meditate, practice. The way to protect yourself in Buddhism is to be present, to be open and to be grounded. Get yo sh*t together and get ready for Spring.


Dön Season: How to Survive the Next 10 days of Chaos.


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Marcella Friel Feb 9, 2015 7:21pm



10. You’re broke—the result of stealing in a previous life

9. You’re afraid of losing all your money—the result of covetousness in a previous life

8. You’re separated from loved ones—the result of divisive speech in a previous life

7. You hate your boss—the result of jealousy in a previous life

6. No one believes what you say—the result of idle talk in a previous life

5. You die young—the result of murdering someone in a previous life

4. You’re completely stupid and ignorant—the result of wrong views in a previous life

3. You’re ugly—the result of impatience in a previous life

2. You fornicate with your enemy’s wife—the result of sexual misconduct in a previous life

And—my personal favorite:

1. You have chronic halitosis—the result of compulsive lying in a previous life

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