February 5, 2015

Our Time is Now.

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* editor’s note: eep! a couple of well-deserved curse words ahead!


We all live here don’t we?

We all share the same home: planet Earth—experiencing the significant flow of genetic and social evolution—cosmically as animals, and internally through our senses.

Through our daily, and at times tedious, actions, we are here together.

We have an intrinsic responsibility to care for the Earth and all of the inhabitants that reside on it.

Politically, what is thought to be pragmatic thinking is actually the formulated outline of thought that is abundant in philosophical mechanisms demonstrated in the scientific method, ecology, permaculture, practical belief systems as well as durable and conservative principles.

When I speak or write about the concept of what it means to be “conservative,” I’m not trying to conjure up images of the Bush or Reagan Administration; but rather that of my grandparent’s generation. Growing up and being a young adult in the 1930s was most definitely a strenuous and enduring time.

The Great Depression in the United States made it a necessity for people to use resources wisely and efficiently, as the average American’s financial wealth was scarce. Sustainability and “being green” weren’t fads that you could purchase at trendy bourgeoisie shops to show your allegiance to the cause through your consumer choices; but rather they were integral for the survival of many people in the United States.

When I think about the word conservative, I philosophize about what is genuinely important to me: my family, friends, equality, social justice, freedom of expression, creative capabilities, clean air, clean water and sustainable food systems.

We are approaching an extremely critical time on the only home that we have ever had, and it is, in my opinion, the moral responsibility of every person on the planet to invest in the Earth, each other, and future generations.

I completely believe that giving a shit about the environment is the most conservative belief we can uphold.

Obviously, this isn’t the case in our current pseudo-democratic political system here in the US: There are extreme skeptics of ecological methodologies that fly flags for our government under the banners of multi-national corporations such as Monsanto, DOW Chemical, Exxon etc; but the point that I am making is that

everyone reading this article has the potential to stimulate progressive change in the world.

It is up to us.

Are you ready? 

Let’s make planet Earth our planet awe-sum. A few ways that you can invest in our planet and fellow earthlings:

— Think skeptically and analytically about all issues

— Start growing some of your own food wherever you live

— Use your feet or bicycle or public transportation whenever possible, to reduce your carbon footprint and to help build a sense of community where you live

— Question Authority

— Have potlucks with your neighbors and friends to build community and learn from one another

— Practice radical compassion

— Utilize active listening in order to more genuinely understand someone else’s viewpoint

— Study Permaculture (Earth care, People Care, Fair Share/ Reinvest your Surplus)

— Observe/learn from others that are leading the way in environmental and social justice

— Acknowledge white privilege and the hundreds of years of oppression that people of color have faced in the United States

— Vote with your dollars and support local businesses to reduce negative environmental externalities and to support your local economy

— Be open minded to different points of view but have solidarity and confidence with your own belief systems

— Join the revolution. This is the 21st Century and it’s time that we start acting like it is.

As the poet, Saul Williams, says

“we must enlist every instrument: acoustic, electronic, every so called race, gender and sexual preference. Every person as beings of sound, to acknowledge their responsibility To uplift the consciousness of the entire FUCKING WORLD. “



Author: Daniel Emmett Hart

Editor: Emma Ruffin

Photo: Courtesy of Saunders Ruffin

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Read 4 comments and reply

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