February 14, 2015

Passion is in the Wind.




Since time immemorial, myths and legends have spoken of wind gods and goddesses who were the overseers of human passion and love.

The creative impulse behind life is the wind; the stirring of emotions always begins with the movement of air. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is an expression of humanity’s curious fascination with the sublime mysteries of love and passion.

Ehectal-Quetzalcoal (Ehecat) is the Aztec God of invisibility and intangibility who oversees the mysteries of passion and love.

In order to fully understand adult love, one must experience loss in a personal manner. Seeds of passion sometimes grow in the ashes of disappointment, and later blossom into fragrant spring lilies. Love, passion and relationships are mysterious forces, just like the wind. When Ehectal beckons you, it signifies that a wonderful surprise is rising from the chaotic ashes of your subconscious self, and will soon manifest in your life.

Aztec cosmology is built on the framework that there are five suns. Each sun represents a creation story in which humans are born, sustained and destroyed by the elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, water and earthquake,

respectively. Ehectal is one of the many faces of the Quetzalcoatl, the famed feathered serpent deity. In Nahuatl, Ehecatl means four winds, referring to the four cardinal directions.

Ehectal presided over the second sun of creation that was called “4 Wind.” During this period, human beings fell from the grace of the Gods and were destroyed by a hurricane. As Ehectal blew, it swept away the debris, and those who survived were transformed into monkeys. Ehectal reappeared in the Fifth Sun after the world was destroyed by fire.

Ehectal travelled deep into the underworld and persuaded Mictlantecuhtili, the God of Death, to give back some ashes and bone. Mixing the bone with blood from the Gods, Ehectal created the people of today’s earth.

According to Aztec legend, Ehectal snuck into the lower world, abducted the maiden Mayahuel, and brought her to the middle world. Their passion was so great that the lovers became one and merged into a tree. Upon awaking from sleep Tzetzimutl journeyed to the middle world, pulled the lovers apart, shredded her grand daughter Mayahuel into pulp, and then returned Ehectal to his rightful place in the wind.

Ehectal often reminds us that it is time to listen closely to the melodies of the wind. New projects, new lovers, art and/or music will ignite your passion. Use Ehectal to clear the path of old stories and memories that are preventing you from experiencing passion, joy and abundance in your life.

We all deserve love and passion; it is the mysterious thread of the universe that carries us from one cycle to the next. Ehectal asks you to carefully examine your innermost feelings and hidden desires. This wind can nourish and invigorate your life.

Shamans understand that humans experience death many times during the course of their lives.

Ehectal comes to remind us that with each death, there is a corresponding rebirth and resurrection, much like the story of the five suns. Each initiation presents an opportunity to receive more light. Ask Ehectal to help you to sweep away the blocks that stands between you and your beloved.

Ehectal sometimes blows in a way that causes us to examine the relationships in our lives. Mastering spiritual principles requires a willingness to venture into the unknown; the deep subconscious place where mysteries are stored.

Ask Ehectal to help you experience and understand true love.



Author: Renee Baribeau 

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Wikipedia Commons 

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