February 7, 2015

Piggyback Ode to a Yoga Teacher.

Yoga teacher

 Inspired by Waylon Lewis

First real yoga teacher now passed from this realm

The Iyengar straps and blocks became my friends.

Your unique transformative practices and

That encyclopedic knowledge of bodily mechanics

Booming voice yet gentlest ways

Will stay with me forever I hope!


This one has a twinkle in her eye and irrepressible laughter.

Petite yet powerful in her poses

Diligent and devoted to the call of Spirit

She is a delight to behold.

Has taught me much besides yoga in our 15 year friendship.


And one who taught very unconventional Bikram

You didn’t follow that script even once?

I applaud you.

Open about your own struggles with depression

And always game for a laugh or twelve

I endured the repetitiveness of Bikram for you!


This man wonders why we struggle so

When we have “the sun inside us”.

Unerring servant of yoga, his poses shine

With inner light and his smile is always friendly.

Once he did 500 Surya Namaskar and saw God.


There is a heart padding around on two small feet

Caring for students and many animals and a mother.

Be sure to come to her classes fed and watered

Because you will need it!

A taste of tapasya, the Yoga Masters of Old.


This elegant and articulate Yogini

Evokes raja and jnana yoga in ruminations.

Her leggings are animal print and you might see a scarf.

Long legs that frequently step outside the box,

Like when she plays Peter Gabriel during sun salutations!

Creativity in everything she does.


Lovely 60-year-old nurse who taught me relaxed precision

And to smile during yoga practice

And to wrap an invisible cloak of “radical self acceptance” around us.

I have used those words a million times

Carrying on your legacy

O sacred former teacher.


Author: Chris Ann Boortz

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Wikimedia

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