February 21, 2015

Quirky Habits of Famous Writers. {Infographic}


I am a writer, you know. Well, kind of.

And I always considered my habit to write lying on my sofa a bit awkward. Can you imagine George Orwell lying in a horizontal position and writing 1984?

I couldn’t… until I found out he actually did.

Are you a coffee addict? Just take a look at Honore de Balzac, who drank 50 cups of coffee daily and chewed coffee beans to stimulate his memory and improve his writings! And what do we have as result? His books are considered literature classics, and our kids read and discuss them in schools.

Do you like walking around naked in your house? Victor Hugo wrote his stories naked to avoid the temptation of going outside before finishing his writing! And this awkward habit did not prevent him from becoming famous worldwide.

Do you choose strange ways to do just about anything? Then, you follow the example of William Faulkner, probably: he typed stories with his toes, having shoes on his hands! But this habit did not prevent him from becoming a Nobel Prize laureate in 1949.

There are many examples of this kind. Edith Sitwell would lie in her coffin for a few minutes before writing her poems; Friderich Schiller kept a box of rotten apples under his table; Carson McCullers wore a lucky sweater from rabbit feet and could not write without it…I think you will agree with the fact such habits are difficult to call ordinary, but the people who had them are some of the most-loved writers of their time.

Moreover, such habits influenced their writings! The below infographic summarizes and unscrambles all habits of 100+ famous writers, such as Stephen King, Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack London and others—and its creators from Bid4Papers tried to explain all those habits from rational points of view, helping us understand the motivation behind such awkward behavior.

Check their thoughts behind habits of famous authors, and never consider your own daily routines or customs anything weird or wrong!

Who knows, maybe they will help you rise to fame overnight.


Opposite Habits of Famous Writers by Bid4Papers



Author: Lesley Vos

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: exoimperator/Flickr; Bid4Papers

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