February 13, 2015

To my Soul Sisters, with Love.

soul sisters

Here’s to you, my soul sisters, my brave spirit warriors, readers of my heart lines and love spreading enchantresses.

Without you, ladies, the hues of my life would be so much less vibrant.

Thank you for all the times we’ve laughed until we cried or cried until we laughed. Either way, always allowing teardrops to flow freely, without judgment, into the welcoming pools of compassion and love.

Thank you for the wine that comes before, during and after.

And, for knowing when that wine really needs to be whiskey.

Thank you for the wild moments of spontaneity when our spirits run free and anything (and everything) is possible. When our inhibitions melt away and our hearts run rampant with unadulterated joy.

Thank you for revealing the courage and grace it takes to be mothers, partners and creators of greatness. I learn so much from you about the endless depths of unconditional love.

Thank you for being open to our heart connections even if we’ve never met in person. Through our words, we have found our way to each other.

(And, the heart knows what she knows without need of reasons or explanations.)

Thank you for letting me escape to my cave when the lone wolf calls (and sometimes even howling with me when provoked by the full moon).

Thank you even more for dragging me out when I start getting too comfortable within those walls.

Thank you for always seeing my light even when I’m sitting in the darkness. Knowing that you’re there will always be the compass that guides me back.

Thank you for being patient and supportive even when you would rather be kicking ass, whether it be mine or somebody else’s.

Thank you for keeping my secrets and trusting that I will keep yours.

Thank you for bringing me dark chocolate, especially when you know I need it.

Thank you for encouraging me to wear sequins when we all know that everyone else is wearing jeans and t-shirts.

Thank you for sharing your dreams with me. And, for listening to mine. We are powerful creatures capable of having everything we want.

I promise to always remind you of that.

Thank you for playing with me and not letting our inner children suffer as we grow older and wiser. We might as well admit that we all have superhero outfits hanging in our closets.

That’s just how we roll.

Thank you for being love, giving love, receiving love and emanating love from the depths of your brilliant souls.

Thank you for loving me.

And, captivating me with your magic.



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Author: Brandie Smith

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: leasqueaky/Flickr

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