March 27, 2015

A Letter to the Man who Set me Free.

kitchen kiss

We spent hours upon hours basking in the sun-streaked glow of each other’s souls today.

We touched lips in the kitchen, while making zesty lemon hummus and spicy Mediterranean salad with many Kalmata olives. We sipped wine and beer, laughing hard, smiling easily, talking of our struggles, hopes, dreams and strange fears.

We made love—tender, raw, soul-slapping love.

I felt close to you.

It was the kind of day where I took mental snapshots to remember that, yes, I really could simply be that happy—that it is possible, after all.

But, there was one particular moment where I felt closer to you than ever.

We were stretching out on our big blue couch and I started to squirm, getting a little distant, slightly irritable.

You felt it right away.

A few seconds ticked by, and you said, “Would you like some time for yourself?”

There was such a strange sort of romance in that sentence.

The way you said it—sweetly, with a wide open heart.

Everything inside me softened because sometimes I’m still scared to announce my intense need for alone time.

I’m afraid it will hurt you. Scare you. Push you away. Make you suspicious.

But, it never does.

Because you see me, who I am—who I really am—clearly and profoundly.

You feel my needs, sometimes before I do.

You know my soul—the flaws, cracks, sensitives, and strengths.

You know my wanderlust heart, the way it sways and swirls, always looking for something.

You know my wings, how they thirst to span out in solitude at least once a day.

You know all these things and yet, you still embrace my soul with open, enthusiastic arms.

You even say that these parts—the ones I’m shy about showing you—are the parts you love the most of all.

You cherish them obscenely, tenderly.

I hope you know that I cherish you obscenely, tenderly.

Because to be seen and accepted the way you see and accept me is nothing less than life-changing.

It makes me soar.

I am honored to be supported and simultaneously set free by your gentle, calloused hands.

Maybe I don’t say it enough.

So, I’ll tell you right now that I f*cking love you.

I thank you from the depths of my dripping, winged heart for taking the time to understand me.

For encouraging me to explore every single facet of this cruelly beautiful world.

For reminding me that I can go—wherever and whenever I please.

For trusting that I’ll always come back to you.

Because I always will.



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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickrflickr 



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