Crunchy Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas. {Recipe}

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Crunchy Chickpeas

I love salt and vinegar chips.

And for some reason unbeknownst to me (just kidding—biology) they always make me feel kind of icky after I eat them.

So, in an effort to keep showing my body some love with what I put into it, I’ve decided to break up with that dollar bag of breakouts and instead indulge in a protein packed bowl of salt and vinegar chick peas.

Tangy, savory, crunchy, healthy—win.

While these are a bit more labor intensive than popping open a plastic bag, I promise they’re just as satisfying (plus, no plastic packaging involved—double win).


1 can rinsed and drained chickpeas

2 cups white vinegar

sea salt

olive oil


An oven

A pot

An oven-safe baking pan

An appetite


Put chickpeas, vinegar and a dash of salt into a pot and bring to a boil. Remove immediately, once it starts boiling, and let legumes soak for 40 minutes in the warm vinegar.

Preheat oven to 400°F. After 40 minutes, drain chickpeas of excess vinegar (save the extra fluid for your next batch, because I promise you’ll be making more).

Place chickpeas on oven safe baking pan. Coat with 3 tablespoons olive oil and more salt (to taste).

(Can also add some pepper, chili powder or garlic powder for an extra kick.)

Bake in oven for 35-40 minutes, checking every 10 minutes to stir them around and make sure they’re turning golden brown (not black).

Remove once they’re nice and toasted, and let sit for 10 minutes before munching. Should be crunchy on the outside and a bit soft on the inside.

Pro tip:

I make these in a huge batch (like 3-4 cans of beans) to save time during the week.

If they’re sitting in my fridge, all delicious, just waiting for me to eat them, I’m much less tempted to go for the chips and more inclined to make a wholesome food decision.

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Author: Alli Sarazen

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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About Alli Sarazen

After graduating from CU Boulder in December of 2014, Alli Sarazen set off for Chile & Costa Rica to welcome transition and celebrate serendipity. Although a New Hampshire native, she is now back in Colorado as an Editor for Elephant Journal. She is passionate about life, learning and of course writing and strives to be a positive presence for those she loves.


27 Responses to “Crunchy Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas. {Recipe}”

  1. rihabmrizek says:

    Another healthier version of this recipe is to cook your self the chickpeas by letting them soak a whole night then boiling them in salted water to which you can add lemon slices.
    Once cooked, you throw the water and add cumin, salt and olive oil to your chickpeas. Delicious!

    • Skepticos says:

      Why is that healthier? It's basically the same recipe, only using dried peas instead of canned. So what?

      • CleanEatingMomma says:

        Canned chickpeas are soaking in unnecessary refined salt and bpa lined cans. Soaking and cooking your own is not only cheaper (I got mine for 97 cents per pound) but much more beneficial for your health.

  2. renee says:

    Well done – just made my first batch and may OD. Best parts: simple and delicious.

  3. Kerri says:

    Do you heat them up after they've been refrigerated? Do they turn soft in the fridge?

  4. Sharan says:

    How do you get them to be crunchy all the way through, like when you buy these pre-prepared at the shops?

  5. Alli Sarazen says:

    If they aren’t turning to your desired crunch, cook them for longer on a lower heat by maybe 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Mine do not turn soft in the fridge, but they never hang out there for super long anyway so I suppose it depends on how soon you eat them!

  6. Gina says:

    How long can you keep or how many times can you reuse the drained off liquid?

    Seems like many different spices could be uses on these, like adding a pinch of habanero powder or wasabi powder. Definitely making these soon!

  7. Vered says:

    perfect snack. I made 2 cans together and I’m happy I saved the vinegar as I will be making this again. I already sent the link to my daughter .

  8. katbait says:

    Are these canned (cooked) or dry?

  9. Alex says:

    Just wondering whether they last out of the fridge? For example, if I put them in a airtight jar and take them to work to snack on would they last a few days (obviously other than if I obsessively eat them all in one day or my colleagues get jealous and poach them?).

  10. Alex Long says:

    Would these last out of the fridge? For example, if I took them to work in an airtight jar (and I didn't greedily eat them all in one day or my colleagues didn't get jealous and poach them?)

    • Hayley says:

      My guess would be if you cooked them a bit longer, so they are drier, they'd be fine outside the fridge, at least for a few days. Especially with the vinegar and the oil in them.

  11. Pinelopi says:

    I have the same question as above. Are the chickpeas cooked from a can or are they dry? Sounds good.

  12. bill says:

    1st line of recipe. 1 can rinsed and chickpeas.

  13. ashley says:

    Had anyone used a dehydrator to Make these?

  14. Nancy says:

    I have made these 2 times this week with curry powder ….a real hit especially with people that said they didn't like chick peas. They asked me for the recipe.:)

  15. CLP says:

    If you double the chickpeas, do you double the vineagr too?

  16. vanessa says:

    Has anyone had the issue of the chuck peas popping in the oven?

  17. sarahtheaquarian says:

    Am trying these right now! I already smell the vinegar-y goodness!! yum yum yum

  18. CHRYSTLE says:

    Just made them and I found them to be horrid! The vinegar is over powering. Love the crunch, which one can achieve without the vinegar soak.

  19. Tashia says:

    You don't even have to do all that…….OPEN the can of chickpeas, drain, put in ziploc bag with oil & spices…..shake! Lay out on foil pan and bake for 20 min!! DONE and delicious! I make them once per week!

  20. Robin says:

    Do you think you could do this with apple cider vinegar as well???

  21. Tabatha says:

    Could you provide nutrition facts and serving size?

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