March 26, 2015

Everyone Should Be Listening to This. {New Music Alert}


My husband said that when he listens to my current favorite album, he can hear his beard grow.

Because, yes, Israel Nash has the current “it” sound of hipster-chic cool (like beards…sound…um, moving on).

That said, I’m not turned off by that “cool” factor—and this album has the makings of memories driving down the road, wind in hair, heart lifted skyward.

And today was the sort of day that is actually wonderful, but long.

With the sun creeping away and my children’s energy level growing to near-bedtime frenzy, all I wanted was to sway my hips to this album with a glass of wine. So that’s what I’m doing. Only I paused, because I absolutely had to share it with you.

Said album, “Rain Plans,” is the music that I’ll think of in five years and envision exactly where I was in my life right now, with my ears and my heart to the floor, taking in the rhythm of my current emotions. (Actually, the friend that gave me this CD is the one who told me those things you know but don’t quite know—that we must be careful, because an album can become intrinsically tied to where we are in our lives, right now; feelings laid raw and bare along with guitar riffs and swooning, handsome singers.)

But, take a listen, and tell me, too, that this doesn’t make hips sway, souls ache and tender hopes prepare for a dawning spring.

Here are three songs from Rain Plans. 



Feeling Down about Life? Cheer up in 2.5 Minutes—Guaranteed. {Music Video}


Author: Jennifer White

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Album Art


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Roy Jan 1, 2016 10:03pm

Thank you <3

Colleen Oct 16, 2015 2:29am

Very enjoyable listening. Thanks for the introduction to them. I can picture a lot of miles of highway driving listening to this……………

Arun Virk Sep 11, 2015 4:04am

Well, the overall sound does have a retro-charm to it, deceptively similar to the 70s bands like 'bread'. It's an easy, laid-back Sunday morning feel, strongly layered with a reflective mood that pleasantly tingles your soul. It's the 'happy-sunshine' kind of feel, but after a while, one cannot ignore the welcome air of melancholic drizzle, the kind that makes you look forward to a rainbow. Even though the vocals are devoid of energy, which I must add seems quite intentional, they do have an arousing quality with a soothing n calming effect. While the vocals massage the soul it does merge with the instrumentation in such a way that's after a while one wishes for vocal-clarity, hoping, at some point, for the instrumentation to fade away in the background and break away from its repetitively styled monotony. The only reason I would buy it is for its refreshing value. That is, if I am bored of listening to likes of "Bread" or similar sounds from the 70s. (Arun Virk)

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