March 19, 2015

F*ck, I want to do it All. {Poem}


joy freedom

The problem is not that I’m lazy or uninspired.

The problem doesn’t lie in dispassion or fear.

Hell, I’ve jumped off cliffs, blindly—

I surrendered into this life with no idea where

My stumbling steps would go.

The issue isn’t that I’m broke or a single mother.

(There’s a million things we can cheaply do together).

The only sticking point left is time;

The world so vast and every moment blessed

The joy encompassed in a bite of tender mango

Or a plane flight equally enthralling. A meal cooked—

Liam and I together, a stack of books, a cup of tea

Maps to pour over, ideas to discuss, a lover to hug

Every second a rejoicement. An ecstasy of things to come!

See here: the only problem is time—

And all we can do it fill it with more and more splendid happenings

And catch our sweet breath in the sacred spaces in between.


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Author: Keeley Milne

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Wikimedia

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