March 24, 2015

Get Off Your “But” & Write!


To be a writer we have to be willing to be raw, vulnerable and exposed, baring one’s soul and truths without fear of rejection, condemnation or judgement.

Being a writer takes courage.

Being a writer means having the courage to find and express your true voice no matter what. It’s about allowing yourself to be fully exposed and vulnerable like walking naked through a busy, crowded street while everyone is looking at you.

We can make a million excuses why we can’t write like “I want to write but I don’t have time, I would like to write but I don’t feel inspired right now, I want to write but I am not good enough.” These are just a few examples of how we keep on using buts as excuses to keep us from writing.

Waiting until we feel inspired is BS. It is a lie we are entertaining ourselves with.

We cannot wait to be inspired. We have to create inspiration. It is from here that the fire is stoked. Procrastination is an insidious enemy that keeps us away from our dream. It is a self-sabotaging mechanism we keep alive to avoid taking risks.

We have to be wiser than the enemy.

No other moment exists except now. 

Starting to write is like going to the gym: we may feel like we don’t really want to go, but we want the results. We want the nice body, calm mind and energy but we don’t want to do the work. It does not happen this way.

We have just do it.

Once we start, we find out that we don’t want to stop just like working out, then we wonder why we did not start sooner. Writing is the same thing. We can not have the gratifying results and fulfillment of writing until we just do it.

The more we write the closer we get to our dreams. Writing every day keeps the momentum going, the juices flowing, and the wheels greased. When we write we are saying to our Muse, “yes! I am ready!” Only when she sees that we are serious about our writing will she provide us with more and more material, but until then we just have to write.

So get off your “but” and write! 

Write like no one is reading.

Write as if no one cares.

Write as if were the last thing you were allowed to express.

Write about your joy.

Write about you pain.

Write about your sorrows.

Write about your struggles.

Write from you heart.

Write from your very core.

Write from your very essence.

Write from your soul.

Write from your being.

Write till your heart bleeds.

Write without expectation.

Write for the sake of writing.

“The pain of not doing it is worse than the pain of doing it.”

~ Steven Pressfield



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Author: Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo: Pixoto/Partrick Heins

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