March 19, 2015

I want you to Touch Me.


I want you to touch me with your gaze.

I want your eyes to meet mine and not look away. I don’t even want you to blink.

Look into my eyes and don’t be afraid of what you see, at what you feel. I want your eyes to smile at me; I want them to tell untold secret stories to my skin.

I want your eyes to look at me like you’ve never seen something like me before; I want to see wonderment in your eyes.

I want your eyes to grow bigger and deeper, not able to look away, even when it gets hard, even when everything else fades away, I don’t want you to look away.

Touch me with your gaze, let it be the first part of you that touches my body, let it lift the veil of all that’s been hidden, waiting, for this very moment.

I want you to touch me with your hands, your fingertips.

I want you to brush the hair out of my eyelashes when the wind kicks up around us.

I want you to run your hand along my shoulders feeling where my bones stick out a little too far. I want you to absently stroke the soft skin inside my palm with your thumb as we sit and listen to the night. I want you to tickle me, until I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face and I’m begging you to stop and saying that I hate you—because we both know it couldn’t be further from the truth.

I want you to grab my hand and tug me along through this life, because I am the absent minded one watching the dragonflies dance on top of the water, and you’re the sensible one thinking of the bills that need to be paid tomorrow. Until tomorrow, when we switch roles, because when you want to stop and dream, I can pick up the pieces and keep this life going for us.

I want you to trace my cheek as my face is next to yours. I want you to touch me with the intention of a million dreams that are finally actually happening. I want to feel your desire through your hands.

I want to feel you grab me hard with your hands because you can’t get enough of me. When I hug you, I want you to hug me a little tighter, a little longer than I hug you, because you don’t quite want to let me go. I want you to send chills down my spine and make goose bumps appear on my skin because I can feel the desire in your touch and you know exactly how and where to put your hands so that I become breathless before you. I want you to write the story of us on my skin, because it’s our favorite story to tell, even if it doesn’t have an ending; maybe the best stories never do.

I want you to touch me with your mouth, your tongue.

I want to feel your lips on the back of my neck behind my ear, I want you to kiss me gentle, and then bite me a little just to remind us that I am yours. I want you to drag your tongue along my neck making my back arch. I want you to kiss me on my lips, softly as first, until it becomes desperate with your desire, with your passion, and we can’t seem to go deep enough, or hard enough and I want to sink into you because there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

I want you to kiss down my spine, and feel your lips on my shoulder blade as the sun comes up and finds us in the same position the moon did. I want to feel your kisses wet going down between my breasts as the warm water from the shower beat down upon us.

I want to feel your hot sandy kiss on my wrist on the beach as you take my hand and we run into the cool waves; I want to taste my salty tears on your lips as you kissed away my heartache of the day. I want you to touch me with your mouth in places no one else ever has, because my body may be mine, but it’s yours too, and when I’m with you, I give it to you.

Because you’re the only one to see this body and my heart, soul and mind too, and that is why you deserve it more than anyone else.

I want you to touch me with your body; I want you to press up against me and make me lose my breath. I want to feel the energy from our chakra points soar up together and overwhelm us with its power. I want to feel your energy mix with mine because it gives me the best kind of high. I want to feel the strength of your chest as you lean against me, the gentle muscles on your upper arms as you put your arms around me and draw me even closer into you. I want to feel your thigh between my legs, I want to feel the weight of you against me, and on top of me.

I want to feel your breath catch when I touch you there, I want to hear you gasp. I want to feel you shudder when you realize there’s no other place you’d rather be. I want to feel every inch of your skin on mine, and I want to hear the secrets they’d tell each other when no one is listening.

I want you to touch me, here, there and everywhere.

Take your time or do it all at once—make me beg, make me breathless, but please, just touch me.


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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Image: flickr

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