March 19, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel takes Lie Witness News to Hollywood to See What People Know About President Obama. {Funny Video}

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I don’t understand your specific kind of crazy, but I do admire your total commitment to it.

I mean, how else does one describe some of the answers to these questions about totally made up events?

What are your thoughts on President Barack Obama’s new earrings?

I think they’re pretty cool. He’s gonna look hip. Hopefully he’s not doing it for the young voters; he’s doing it for himself. 

Where’d you see them?

Just on TV. 

Another passerby is asked to comment on a recent “yo mamma” joke made by the President and whether or not it was made in good taste. The guy just goes along with it, doesn’t miss a beat or think at all to question the President’s use of a “yo mamma” joke. Such loyalty, no questions asked.

I watched this video with jaw-dropping astonishment at, not only the way people answered these questions with such confidence, but also their follow-through in conjuring up the actual scene in which they saw these fictitious situations take place. They did more than form an opinion about an event that never occurred but took it a step further and backed up said opinions with alibis and details. God bless ’em.

We Americans may be crazy but let it never be said that we lack commitment or follow-through.



Memes Make Us Stupid.


Author: Brenna Fischer

Editor:  Travis May

Photo: Youtube Still 

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