March 30, 2015

Libra Lunar Eclipse: Finding a Compromise to Let Go.

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Things continue to heat up in the Zodiac.

What happens next will deliver some answers as well as intensify the big universal push in where we need to go next.

On April 4th, 2015, a total Lunar Eclipse will take place and heighten energy all around.

Lunar eclipses are powerful full moons that relate to endings. This one marks the point where a compromise will have to be made in order to say good-bye.

Approximately two weeks ago, we all went through a system reboot and experienced a new beginning with the Solar Eclipse that took place on March 20th, 2015.

This Lunar Eclipse tells the 2nd part of the story and puts an ending into motion. For all beginnings, endings of some sort must follow. Out with the old and in with the new. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to just let go and say good-bye.

During the peak of this eclipse, the signs of Libra (what we want) and Aries (what I want) will be staring each other down. A compromise of some nature, revolving around an ending, is in the works.

Many of us are going to have to find a way to balance out the needs of others, in addition to our own, through this process. The Aries in us will want to satisfy our needs: “What am I getting out of this?” Then the Libra side of things will be saying: “Hey what about the other people around?”

Something is going to have to give and not everyone will get to walk away with exactly what they want.  Wouldn’t it be great, though, to have it all?  Unfortunately, we all know it never works like that.

Lunar Eclipses in general are powerful Full Moons that create bigger energy patterns and awareness. So if you’re looking for answers this is a time to really keep your awareness up. New revelations as well as thoughts about serious matters could come into focus.

Since this is a total lunar eclipse, awareness as well as energy will be intensified. This eclipse in particular is a total eclipse which means the Moon will be passing through the densest part of the Earth’s shadow. It’s like we’re going real deep into matters now.

It’ll begin at 9 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. GMT. You should be able to see the Moon passing through the Earth’s shadow between 10:15 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. GMT. Both North and South America, western Australia and Asia will all be able to see the eclipse take place. So if you’re looking for an amazing site—try to catch a glimmer of one of the most magnificent sights of the universe talking.

In addition to the beauty of this eclipse, it’s also part of a rare sequence of four total lunar eclipses called a tetrad that started in 2014 and will complete at the end of 2015. This sequence began on April 15, 2014. The second occurred on October 8, 2014. The third is happening now on April 4, 2015. Then the fourth and final eclipse will take place on September 28, 2015 which concludes the rare series.

With the sign of Aries so prominent, there will be an emphasis on finding new experiences, creating an individual mark and taking a risk in exploring the unknown. Just be aware that others’ needs may come into play and that’s where the stress factor comes in. Many of us are wrapped up in situations involving change or maybe you’re in the process of needing it in your life. This powerful time will push you closer to where you need to go.

A trust component will likely have to play a part though. Aries likes to jump in feet first but the Libra pull is going to make you question taking the plunge into the unknown. Keep the faith that everything around you is happening for a reason and even if some compromises have to be made, letting go of something could end up benefiting you in the long run.

For additional personal insight, here are the themes associated with the Lunar Eclipse energy for each Zodiac sign. If you know your rising sign, you should read for that sign first. Another thing to keep in mind is despite how this affects you personally, a Lunar Eclipse of this capacity will heighten awareness and insight to great levels. It’ll be important to keep an open mind.

Aries: Your 7th house of close and personal relationships comes into play at the peak of this eclipse. There is a focus on relationships and it’s not just about lovers. Close friends, business partners—even competitors—could be themes of your letting go process. There could also be agreements that are finally finalized or an alliance could end in some way.

Taurus: Your 6th house is in focus now and this puts your working environment, co-workers, pets, health and daily routines into prime focus. This eclipse brings something to a head or closes something out. It marks a finishing point of something in one of these areas for you. If you’ve been thinking of letting a bad habit go or perhaps focusing on your health, this is a great time to do so.

Gemini: Your 5th house of creativity, children, fun and socializing, romance and speculation (business ventures/gambling) comes into focus with this eclipse. This could be the wrap up point of an important personal project or speculative venture. A situation with a child could finally come to a point where a resolution is achieved. It’s also possible that you make a decision about what to do about a romantic relationship.

Cancer: Your 4th house of family, home, real estate and things of domestic nature are highlighted at the peak of this eclipse. An ending or completion regarding one of these themes could be prominent now. The energy could also allow you to see things in this area of your life in an entirely different way.

Leo: Your 3rd house is the focal point of this eclipse and that puts a real focus on your ability to connect with others. Siblings, relatives, study, travel, technology and communications in general become quite highlighted for you. You might want to watch your car—particularly if you’ve been having some problems with it. Maybe it’s time to let it go. Education or some sort of learning endeavor could also come to the table or come to a completion point.

Virgo: Your 2nd house is highlighted with this eclipse and this could bring things regarding a financial matter to a head or a completion of some sort. You might be ready to start or implement some changes in how you handle your finances. There’s financial completion going on and you’re moving towards a place of getting your debts in better order. Things that you value or possess, which are not just things of monetary value, could also be re-looked at and possibly let go or seen in a new light.

Libra: This particular eclipse is happening in your sign and it makes this time a very powerful one for you.   A focus into your identity, who you are as a person and the stamp you want to make on the world around you could really be highlighted for you at this time. You may stand up for yourself and decide to close an important chapter of your life as a result.

Scorpio: Your 12th house comes into focus with this eclipse and this is the realm where things are hidden or undercover. You might feel the effects of this intense energy on an inner plane and it could be a time for revelations about the past to come into light. It’s also possible that you begin to understand yourself on a deeper level and really discover your inner motivations. Be careful not to beat yourself up though, sometimes diving too deep can put you in a rut and you shouldn’t do that. Hang around your upbeat friends at this time, you’ll need them to lighten the mood.

Sagittarius: Your 11th house of friends and groups you belong to comes into view here. This is also the realm of earnings from your work or career. Perhaps you decide to take on some added responsibilities with a group you belong to or with a friendship. A big project could end or a long term goal could come to be fully realized. On a large scale, your 11th house has to do with your hopes and dreams and this eclipse could close out the process of something big you’ve been working towards.

Capricorn: Your 10th house of career and place in the public eye comes into view with this eclipse energy.  The energy released here may actually energize your career, reputation or how you look to others. Your parents or your role as a parent could also be highlighted here. On a deep level, your entire destiny and life mission could come into play and that is definitely something to consider. It’s also possible that you close out a job or take on a new boss or authority figure. Whatever the case, a new development at work is in the making.

Aquarius: Your 9th house comes into full view with this eclipse. The impact of this area of your chart being highlighted puts an emphasis on a trip, something of a foreign nature, a religious pursuit or your belief system, a learning endeavor or educational pursuit, something involving a legal situation or maybe even your in-laws.

Pisces: Your 8th house of joint and shared resources come into focus with this eclipse. Maybe you’ve been receiving help from someone and you decide you no longer need it. This is also the realm of investments and you might decide to re-look at your financial holdings and make a new plan of some sort. Additionally this area of your chart that relates to divorce and endings of people you know. There could be a passing of someone in your circle  Sexual intimacy is also connected to this area and it’s possible that this Lunar Eclipse pushes you to take a relationship to a deeper and more intimate level.


Author: Crystal B.

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Deccan Chronicle

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