March 19, 2015

Life is Not a Math Problem.


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I have always been a math person.

Math is simple: every problem has a solution, the answer key is always accessible and teachers guide you through tough situations.

In my 18 years, I have realized that life is clearly not a math problem.

From an early age, we are taught the simple rules of mathematics. When we were learning basic multiplication, I remember my teacher repeating, “Two negatives make a positive!” Multiplying 2 negative numbers produces a positive answer; the two negative signs transform into a single plus sign. Of course, this rule has followed me through every math course I have taken.

I assumed that this principle held true universally. I thought that in all situations, negativity would render a positive outcome.

Mistakenly, I equated negative thoughts with discipline that would produce positive results.

I thought that positive thought led to failure.

Little did I realize: math does not translate to the real world. The negative signs that built up inside my mind did not magically convert to plus signs.

Negativity and discipline are not equivalent.

In truth, the negative thoughts are meaningless. Literally.

They have no value unless we give them meaning. In math, I often hear the number zero defined as a “placeholder.” Negative thoughts are placeholders as well; they fill positions that positive thoughts could be occupying. But until we realize the lack of value that negative thoughts possess, there is no room for the positive affirmations that lift us up.

We each have an innate connection with the universe. But the negative thoughts that we carry distort our perceptions; they inhibit our connections to the universe. When we think positive thoughts characterized by love, gratitude and joy, we emit positive energy and the connection is strong. The gates of abundance are opened and we receive the gifts offered by a loving universe.

On the other hand, negative thoughts block the pathways of communication. Instead of a clear broadcast, the universe hears only static. We lose contact and we lose the blessings that the universe would love to provide.

Negativity is not discipline. Negativity is toxicity.

To mold ourselves into the people we want to become, we must accept positivity, encouragement and love. We must replace the negative opinions with thoughts of light and gratitude.

We must re-train our minds and use love as a tool to grow and transform rather than beating ourselves into the person we think is ideal.

Negative thoughts are like the number zero—utterly meaningless without our own validation. When we consider this, we see that infinite spaces exist within our minds for positive thoughts. Subtract the negative thoughts to add peace and contentment to your life.



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Author: Amanda Segel

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas/ Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo: Courtesy of the author.


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