March 22, 2015

The Importance of Body Love. {Video}

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I recently covered a campaign, in which Jes M. Baker’s mission, was to spread the word that all body shapes are different, despite what we are shown over and again on the television and through media.

Jes has also created this powerful Ted Talk video, in which she talks about how we feel about our bodies—how damaging and disempowering our thought processes can be.

It is harmful to judge our own bodies, and also harmful to critique others. (Our bodies are none of anyone else’s business).

The focus of the campaign is for accepting ourselves. It shows what impact our opinions on body image have on ourselves and on society, as a whole. Health cannot be defined simply by viewing a body image—as a person can be slim, toned, athletic, curvy or any other size or shape, and not necessarily be living a healthy life.

This focus is purely on acceptance—as having a healthy mind—is the first start to having a healthy body.

In my communication with Jes, she explained to me, “I have since changed the title to Change the World. Love Your Body.  so that those who feel the need to change their body in order to love it fully don’t misunderstand and think that that’s not an option I believe in. Body autonomy is the most important key and each person is, of course, in charge of any changes they want to make. My point is that we don’t need to change, according to social standards, if we don’t want to, in order to feel okay about our bodies. Each person is already worthy and okay just the way they are.”

This video, in my opinion, is one that should be watched by every male and female, regardless of shape and size, it is about our own bodies but also gives insight into the damaging affects that body image has on society as a whole. Jes has committed herself to the “Body Love” campaign in order to help bring about a much needed change to the way body shape is perceived.

“Every single one of you is perfect just the way you are. And when we learn to embrace that, the perception of our world will change, sure, but we will also be joining this giant revolution that will completely shift the world that we live in.” ~ Jes M. Baker


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