March 12, 2015

This is how I Let Go.


This is how I let go.

I root down and plant my feet, guiding my thoughts down, down, down to my toes. I breathe, until I can sense the whole world fill my soul. I feel where my body connects with the giant, beautiful, messy lush Earth we call home.

This is how I let go. This is how I stay still on a world that is madly spinning 1037 miles an hour.

This is how I find my own voice in the midst of seven billion stories taking place all around me.

This is how I stop wondering about tomorrows and next years.

This is how I stop re-reading the to-do list of a million items, or struggle to get that last bit of work done before bed.

This is how I stop beating myself up for not doing yoga. Not doing enough yoga. Not being able to do the stand-on-my-hands-for-more-than-10-seconds type of yoga.

This is how I stop worrying about what I’ve said to a new love, how I stop worrying about how I’ll fit into their life as easily as they’ve fit into mine.

This is how I stop pondering the what-if’s and what-have’s and what-will’s.

This is how I stop thinking about anything more, anything less, than right now.

I escape all of the questions and find the answer, right under my feet.

That I am right here, that everything is right now.

That you are a part of me just as I am a part of you, because we are all an essential piece in this world that spins around a sun that keeps us alive.

So stop stepping over obstacles, or under your dreams, or on other people’s toes. Ground yourself, and find yourself.

This is how I stop.

This is how I grow.

This is how I let go.

I root down, I wiggle my toes and listen to the music in my stillness.


Author: Carlene Kurdziel

Editor: Caroline Beaton 

Photo: Pixabay 

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