March 5, 2015

To My Unattainable. {Poem}


Have you ever wanted something so badly it almost physically hurts?

It’s like going to your favorite restaurant and finding out it closed down, leaving you with no choice but to turn around and find a new spot.

Consider this a metaphor for meeting a stranger with whom you have instantaneous sparks, romantic kindling, selfish egos stroking one another over time, yet neither in a place to commit to the other.

With that, I write this to my unattainable.

I knew the moment I saw you that I was about to trip.

It only took but a few words to draw me in and make me fall.

The connection was instant, an electric current through a simple touch.

I didn’t know if you were a stranger in passing or one to stay for a lifetime; friend or foe, it didn’t matter.

Lost in a moment, a kiss, I found a soulmate.

Your skin so soft, yet so callused.

Vulnerable to touch but shies away with too much intimacy.

Fingers touch and outline one another without intertwining,
Careful and cautious of a throbbing pulse.

Hot breath upon your neck, breathing you in,
To keep your scent, to linger.

Your lips soft and edible,
But only to taste and savor.

Heads on chests, hearts beating in rhythm,
Too fast for ease but perfect in finding comfort.

I’ll sleep to dream.

My heart is caged,
It beats like frantic butterflies encased in a glass box.

My mind, body and soul find an aching for you.

In a past life you were mine and I was yours,
Tangled in sheets and warm bodies.

Engrossed in one another, a world of our own.

Tastes and touch, charming exchange of words.

Caramel eyes and a crooked smile,
For a few moments, I claim you as my own.

I keep you to myself, lost in my secret.

My love.



Dear Soulmate, I have Always Loved You.

Author: Nicole Crow

Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: thatsbreathtaking/Flickr

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Read 4 comments and reply

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