March 9, 2015

When the Shift Hits the Fan.

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“The place where nothing works is where everything works.” ~ Adyashanti

When the spiritual two-by-four hits us over the head, it’s time to wake up.

It’s a Divine wake up call for us to transform and heal our life.

Spiritual awakening never comes at a convenient time in life. It always comes at the most inconvenient and most inappropriate time. Life does not wait for us when she wants to wake us up. When she hits us over the head we have no choice but to wake up. Sometimes we get blind sided and don’t know what hit us, but this is the only way she can get our attention. Something drastic has to happen.

The only thing consistent in life is change. Life is change, change is life. 

The old structures and confines are breaking down. The whole card tower we have built is collapsing in one swift blow. The old structures of our life begin to crumble and we must deal with a disintegrating, old way of life. It will be a moment of truth that forces us to rid ourselves of false systems and identify what we truly value.

The confinements imprisoning us must be shattered before we can achieve enlightenment.

Out of the blue we can find ourself suddenly loosing our job, moving to a new location, a relationship falling apart or hearing the diagnosis of a fatal illness. The upheaval shakes us to our core so we have no other choice but to rely on our inner strength and truth. Clearly all the old ways were not working for us anymore, and life is now presenting us change.

So many fears and insecurities come up that we would rather not face, but they have to be addressed. We cannot run or hide anymore.

Life is asking us to wake up and smell the coffee.

Will we be able to hold down our job? Pay the bills? Take care of the kids? Will our marriage fall apart? All these questions come to mind in the midst of a full on breakdown. Our immediate response may be panic and wanting to hold on and control. This will not work. We have to loosen our grip and let the cards fall where they will fall.

The good news is we have to breakdown in order to breakthrough. It is the greatest blessing in order to go through a breakdown consciously. It can catapult us to the next level in life and spiritual transformation.

We have to let ourselves fall apart into a million pieces on the floor. It’s okay. It is what is supposed to happen in order to transform. In order for things to fall into place they have to fall apart. So let yourself fall apart piece by piece. The broken pieces are just pieces of ourselves that are not useful anymore. It takes tremendous courage to fall apart.

The only way through it is to keep walking through the fire. Do not struggle against struggle. Stop resisting resistance.

We have to be brave enough to face all of our demons. Spiritual transformation can be down right gruesome. It’s not all purple unicorns and angels singing with harps. It can be a battlefield filled with blood, guts and gore. There will be gnashing of teeth and bones. We may be asked to face things that we would rather not, but there is not an option anymore.

The time to wake up is now.

All the things we were running from or chasing are not longer working. Our aspirations have matured. Our being is maturing. We are ready for our essence of light to shine through.

We have to give up everything in order to gain everything. Everything we are holding onto is just an illusion and illusion is what we are trying to set ourselves free from. It is the illusion of ourselves that is trying to succeed.

It is necessary for our evolution. Change is a Cosmic Law in the Universe and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Change is consciousness and consciousness is change. If we lose something then it is an opportunity for us to re-invent ourselves. If life takes away something from us then, so what? Keep moving. Keep flowing with life. Life is intelligence enough to support us. We just need to be intelligent enough to trust it.

A true spiritual warrior is one who allows himself/herself to be in bad place. With no where to go, and nothing to achieve. The only thing we need to do is just let go. Our ego is conditioned to succeed, to hold on till death. As soon as we try to hold onto it, the further it slips away from us. It’s like trying to contain a running river with our hands.

Let go gracefully. That is the solution. Let everything fall apart. The sooner we let go the sooner we can blossom into our true essence which is sat- chit- ananda (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss).

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill


Author: Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya

Editor: Emily Bartran 

Photo: Cameron MacMaster/Pixoto


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