March 1, 2015

Will You Go Kicking and Screaming Down the Road to Transformation?


Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!


Sometimes it takes a major life crisis to make us realize we must change our ways.

Here are frequently heard statements made by individuals prior to their transformation:

  • “Ok, I’ll go for couples counseling, but please don’t leave me!”
  • “I’ve lost everything, I’m ready to stop gambling”
  • “She said she’d leave me, if I didn’t stop my abusive behavior”
  • “The doctor says I’m a candidate for a heart attack!”
  • “I promise, I’ll never be unfaithful again.”
  • “My kid turned to drugs and I was too busy working to be a parent.”
  • “I’ll stop drinking, once and for all, please give me one more chance to quit.”


Prepare to learn about one of the deepest, most intense areas of life: Personal Transformation. Transformation is not for everyone because it involves changing from the old person we once were, to a new and much more positively evolved person; one who’s behavior is now positively altered.

Sometimes a catalyst is necessary for someone to “really, really” want to change, behave differently and be a new person.

But when does that moment happen? Was it that night when a husband picked up the phone in the den and overheard a conversation that made it clear his spouse was having an affair? Was it that Sunday at church after that person confessed their sins to the parish priest? Or, was it that morning their child said, “Dad, all my friends have their fathers at the soccer games, but you’re never there.” Or, was it when their spouse said, “I will no longer live with a ‘grass-a-holic’ like you. Quit smoking every day and get help or I’m leaving our marriage!”

Yes, perhaps that was the moment when that person decided to make a commitment to change their life, once and for all. They realized they must make a radical shift in their behavior that would allow them to change and behave like a genuinely new person. That’s how the transformation process occurs.

In essence, these people realized that some aspect of their personality, behavior, or ego had to die for real change to occur.

Just Like a Criminal Serving “Time”

The kind of major change that we’re talking about doesn’t occur automatically when a person finally declares he must change. The true transformational process that occurs in the 8th House, usually involves some sort of sacrifice, which may be painful. After all, we need to get rid of something bad in order for something better to be re-born and take its place.

Be prepared to know that while a beneficial change is taking place within our lives, we may not realize it’s happening for one or two years. The process can be likened to “watching a pot of water boil.” Nothing seems to be happening for all the time spent looking at that pot, however in time, the water finally starts to boil.

During this transformational process we may even feel shame and humiliation, as we finally comprehend the true significance of our past behavior and its effect on others. Just imagine a criminal who gets caught for a crime, is convicted, goes through sentencing and is sincerely contrite for his crime. Quite often, he’s ready to change his ways immediately. Of course, the courtroom judge is happy the criminal “sees the light,” and wants to reform his behavior. Unfortunately, as part of his transformation process, the criminal will have to go through a long and painful incarceration where he can be properly rehabilitated.

So, whether a person is an addict, adulterer, absent parent, abuser of other people or just their own body; or someone who needs to strongly modify his behavior, the process of transformation is usually unpleasant and very long.

After all, what’s happening is that one aspect of our life is ending, and just like the criminal serving jail time, we’re going through our own rehabilitation process, leading us to a true metamorphosis. It’s a lengthy period of time that requires our sincere commitment and perseverance. It takes courage to ask the question: is there anything about our personality or behavior that has to change and be transformed? The road to transformation can take us through perdition before we reach nirvana.

The tremendous power of the 8th House of our birth chart provides us the opportunity to transform whatever isn’t working in our life. But before the re-building process can begin, our inappropriate behavior must be eliminated. In essence, we must take your psychic garbage out to the trash bin.

Purging undesirable aspects of ourselves allows a part of us to undergo a symbolic death—thus, in a spiritual way, we die and are resurrected as a better person. This is why the 8th House is known as the house of renewal and transformation and is often symbolized by the phoenix rising up from the ashes to be re-born once again.

Of course, there are many less dramatic examples where we may want to create a change from who we are to the new person we want to be. Hopefully, we’ll be motivated because we realize that personal transformation will improve the quality of our life, our relationship with loved ones and friends and benefit our career.

Even if a person resists, perhaps he’ll find someone who will know how to motivate him to go down the road to transformation. I am reminded of a famous quotation by a great influencer and motivator: the notorious 1930s gangster and bank robber, Baby Face Nelson. He once said, “You can get a lot more with a ‘kind word and a gun,’ than you can with just a kind word.”

Just as Baby Face stuck a gun in your face to take your money, when a planet like Pluto transits 8th House, it can force a person to hand over a prized position of great importance they would rather not give up. If Pluto were a person, he would tell us that he’s heard every excuse in the book for resisting transformation: “I really enjoy drinking alcohol,” or “My favorite thing is to get high,” or “I can’t help it, I love to eat,” or, “Smoking relaxes me and is so great after sex,” or “I have to put in extra long hours to be successful.” However, unlike Baby Face, Pluto has your best interests at heart, with the goal of making you a better person.

But sometimes Pluto has to hurt you to help you.

If we have an outer planet like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto transiting our 8th House, we have a unique opportunity to transform our life and change from the old person we were, to a new and much more evolved person who has positively altered his (or her) behavior. It may be the chance we’ve been waiting for to finally live life in a healthier way and become a person of the highest character—the one our family and friends have been hoping for.

When the opportunity for transformation comes into our life: we must embrace it. If we do, it will change us forever.

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Author: Larry Schwimmer

Editor: Emily Bartran

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