March 13, 2015

You Are Love. {Poem}

 Radiant beauty

The love of your magical essence flows through your finger tips as you hold me close

The length of your fingers trace the outlines of my physical form

Your arms hold me together when the world shakes me about

You are my shelter, my rock, my forever constant

You do not change with the tides

You do not change with each moons waxing

You are forever love…

Your lips speak of truth, magic and awakenings

Your melodic words intoxicate my mind and soul

Your ideas and thoughts, on this world, have awakened the healer in me

You heal me with each word, each thought, each kiss…

The windows to your soul are filled with love and light

Every encounter with those beautiful, endless, brown spheres

Reveal to me love, compassion, knowledge, understanding, acceptance and peace

I melt in their mystery…

Your soul has known my soul

Many times before this lifetime

You radiate a whimsical, blue and purple light that mesmerizes all who have the pleasure of being in your presence

Your energy is strong and everlasting, but soft and kind

I can feel you nearby before I can ever see or here you…

You heal those you touch

You awaken those you speak with

You love every soul

You do none of this because you desire to

You do all off this because you are love



He Awakens Me. 


Author: Hannah Hilton

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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