April 18, 2015

A Single Mother Doesn’t Know Defeat. {Poem}

Mother, Single Mother

Yesterday I read a poem right here on Elephant Journal and it inspired me to write my own version.

The poem is titled, Prayer of the Single Mother.

Poetry is art that connects with different people for different reasons at different time in their lives.

I honor that no two women’s journeys are the same. However, I believe there is an age old picture being painted of single mothers that is covered in brush strokes of despair and pain. A belief that our lives are somehow worse off because of the turns they have taken. I want to shatter that idea.

I am a single mother. I am connected to a community of single mothers and we paint a different picture.

One that is covered in color, light, laughter, joyful lessons learned, support and a renewed sense of self. Yes, we sometimes fall but we have already proven to ourselves that we can get up even after the biggest of falls. We have walked through the fire, given love to our wounds and marched on gratefully for the lessons our scars have given us.

This poem is dedicated to all the women painting a new picture of single motherhood.

A Single Mother Doesn’t Know Defeat

Another day of kicking ass,
Of waking up with pride.
She drives herself to work,
Smiling at the her she’s left behind.

Another day of dreaming,
Reconnecting with her soul.
She spreads her wings to fly,
Peace of mind is her goal.

Another day of victories,
One foot in front of the other.
She sows the seeds of paradise
From her strength as a mother.

When the moon shines bright inside her lair,
Another day complete,
She holds her children close with care.
A single mother who doesn’t know defeat.

Her heart aches with love and joy,
As she begins to pray.
She walks an unknown path,
Grateful for every single day.



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Author: Cassie Faerber

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Big D2012-Flickr

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Sybil Apr 19, 2015 9:31am

I am a single mother and raised a son on my own almost completely without child support. He is in his 30's and a successful artist. I commend you for painting a different picture of single motherhood. I was fortunate, I have to say, but I am grateful I was able to call my own shots (without struggling with someone else's notion of child rearing) when it came to being a Mom. In the early years I struggled and I had to cut a lot of corners but looking back there was a sort of sweetness to it. No despair or pain. The words that come to mind are courage, determination and strength. I am pleased with the outcome and proud of myself. For those of you doing the single parent thing I want to share this thought: you won't be able to be both mom and dad, not for any length of time and not consistently. Consider choosing the best and most necessary aspects of each role and focusing on those.

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Cassie Faerber

Cassie Faerber is a passionate single mother, a lover of community, and a seeker of all things personal growth. Recently leaving her corporate job behind she is discovering her path as a writer and entrepreneur of kid’s clothing. She inspires those around her to bring play into the every day through her light-hearted ability to plunge deep into the unknown.