April 8, 2015

Down-to Earth Spring Cleaning Tips.

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Spring has arrived. It’s a perfect time to purify our homes.

Every house needs a cleanse.

We’ve survived Winter and it’s time to reboot. Yay!

Spring is energetically, a time for new beginnings. It’s perfect timing to get a clean start.

All winter long we’ve been tracking snow and dirt into the house, the dust has been accumulating and our homes could use a breath of fresh air.

The beginning of Spring is a natural time for a deep clean.

Deep cleaning is all about doing the time consuming chores, that we’ve been putting off. With the lengthening days, we naturally have more daylight hours for cleaning.

Open windows.

Wash curtains, windows and window sills.

Take off window screens and scrub with a warm, soapy water.

Vacuum vents.

Dust the cobwebs out of the corners.

Scrubbing off scuff marks.

Go through cabinets and fridge—throw out expired items.

Setting an intention.

Spring is the season to “plant” intentions for the season. Spring is the right time for inviting new possibilities into our lives. We can point our lives in the right direction for abundance and productivity during the lengthening days.

1. Get organized.

Let go of old clutter and create space for a bright and refreshing clarity. Getting rid of of unused objects is analogous to shedding fat layers when coming out of hibernation. The effect of decluttering gives our spirit a fresh feeling of freedom.

We can donate our clothes and household items to a local battered women’s shelter or charity thrift store.

2. Smudge with sage or sage oil.

Smudging with sage, refers to the ancient Native tradition of burning a bundle of dried sage. The sage smoke clears the space and energy.

Spraying a solution with water and sage oil has the same, cleansing effect.

3. Clean with lavender and lemon.

Make a water solution containing a few drops of lavender oil and lemon. This makes the house smell divine and makes surfaces sparkle.

4. Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers from the yard.

Flowers bring natural cheer and lovely fragrance into our homes.

Approach Spring cleaning in a methodical way.

1. Clean one room at a time.

Work from top to bottom. Stay in the same room until it’s finished.

2. Start in the kitchen.

Clean on top of cupboards, the fridge, under the sink. I do not recommend feather dusters, as they just spread the dust around. Use a damp rag instead. It collects the dust and can be rinsed away.

Toss out old food and get rid of duplicate items.

Clean out the junk drawer.

3. Set aside a certain amount of time.

Setting time limits will keep us from burning out. I like to work on Spring cleaning projects in four hour chunks.

4. Fix broken stuff.

Tighten loose screws. Spackle in holes. Touch up paint chips.

5. Wash linens and line dry them.

Ah, the sweet scent of crisp, line dried bed sheets.

Sunshine naturally bleaches and disinfects. Dishtowels look fresh after getting grungy all winter.

6. Take rugs out and beat them.

Hang rungs on a fence or clothes line and let them have it with a broom. Hold your breath and take breaks often. This is a dusty job.

7. Cleaning all the knick-knacks.

This is a fine time to dust all of the tchotchkes. It may take awhile, but the results are worth it.

8. Get rid of a big box of stuff in each room.

Put a box in each room and methodically go through everything. Minimize the clutter. If we don’t need it, get rid of it. I like to ask myself three things.

a. Do I use it.

b. Is it broken?

c. Do I love it?

And then act accordingly. Donate all the giveaways to a local women’s shelter or make a “free” box on the curb.

9. Hand scrub stairs. (If they’re wooden). Start at the top and remove all the grime. Afterwards, I like to put a fresh coat of paint on the risers.

Spring is a energized time, with longer days and more vigor. Getting after the Winter dirt in our homes, gives us a fresh start and a bright attitude.


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Author: Kelly Kelly

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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