April 26, 2015

How Hair Bands Taught Me to Be a Buddhist.

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I saw a G n’ R sweatshirt at Urban Outfitters last year. I had to stop, close my eyes and swallow hard. Because I’m pretty sure this means I’m old.

But upon reflection of my hair band habit, I found a few gems—er, rhinestones—I could keep.


Hold On Loosely

38 Special had it right all along.
Because the stronger I grip, the more my child squirms.
The more attached I get, the more samsara I’m bound to experience.
The less I release, the less I receive.

And if I cling too tightly, I’m gonna lose control.
Just give me something to believe in.
A whole lotta space to breathe in.

Right Now

Long before mindful was a word.
Back when phones lived on the wall, Sammy Hagar brought us back to the present moment.
This one. And this one. And this one.
The only difference now is that instead of seizing the moment, I want to savor the moment.
Less action. More acceptance.
Less snapping a picture of my daughter swinging. More being with her.

Right now. . .it means everything.

Don’t Stop Believin’

So this is my ringtone. And it’s not even the Journey version. Nope. It’s Glee.
Yes, I’m that girl.
But it’s more than nostalgia. It’s a good reminder to meditate.
Why do I think I should?
Not because I’m a good at it.
But because I’m strengthening a muscle that helps me come back to the present moment when I need it most.
When I’m sitting in traffic. Buckling the car seat. Trying to leave the house on time.
I just stop and breathe. Feel. Know.
I never stop believing in the moment.
Because it is always there for me.

Don’t stop believin’
Hold onto that feeling. (okay, so that’s not exactly Buddhist, it’s the opposite)

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Perfection is an illusion, as we know.
Every front has a back.
Every high has a low.
Every flower will one day wilt.
Every human will one day die.
Even you and me.
No, really.
This may be the only thing we know for sure.
But we spend a lot of our life in denial of the entire thing.
C’mon people. Even Poison knew. Back in ’88.
Every night has it’s dawn.

Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.
Every rose has its thorn
Yeah it does.
I don’t listen to a lot of 80s music these days. I never bought that G n’ R sweatshirt. And my Axl Rose dance moves are pretty out of practice. But the lyrics. Oh man. They’re in my head for life. And when you’re on the path, every little bit helps!


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Author: Andrea Enright

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Scott-Flickr

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