April 4, 2015

How to Make Love to an Aries Woman (or Man). {Adult}

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The Aries Woman.

You want an exciting lover? Well, you’ve got it with this “hunka-hunka-burning” love. That is—as long as you can handle a passionate, independent and at times strong-willed woman. And, as long as you don’t mind taking her instructions in the bedroom: “Oh touch me there—a little firmer. Ah, yes, that’s perfect.”

Because of her intensely passionate nature, all it takes to light her fire might be buying her flowers, bringing her a box of Godiva chocolates or just putting on some smooth jazz music.

She likes to be the initiator and be pursued or enthusiastically pursue.

Expect her to be forceful and assertive, because she’ll tell you what she wants. Just know that it will be her way or the highway. She appreciates men who are yielding and not threatened by her playful and sometimes, domineering behavior.

Her goal is to mold you into the ideal lover she wants you to be.

She’s a tigress in the bedroom with great stamina. So, expect to hold your orgasm until she’s had hers, if you want to remain lovers. She can be self-centered but she doesn’t like selfish men.

As your lover, she wants you all to herself. If you aren’t paying enough attention to her, you’ll know it because she’ll let you know. So, when you’re with her put away your phone. You won’t be doing any texting while you’re in her company. Forget about watching Monday Night Football (unless she’s a fan). She doesn’t tolerate being ignored or taken for granted. On Monday: she’s Monday Night Football.

She can be possessive and a bit jealous. So, make sure when you’re having dinner at that très chic restaurant you aren’t gawking at other women. Eyes straight ahead into her devilish smile (unless you want a verbal “*ss-whoopin” which could lead to hot “make-up” sex. So, gawk at your own risk).

You can expect that she’ll be faithful and expect your fidelity in return. She doesn’t demand this out of insecurity but because she insists on being number one as your lover. Expect her to want to be with you for the long-term since she wants to share doing lots of activities with you, besides making love. You’ll love her warm and affectionate nature when you’re not in the bedroom, out in public.

The way to inspire her loving nature is to make her feel appreciated for her unique and distinctive qualities. If you are sensitive to her needs, this passionate and intense Aries woman will be a lover who will do anything you ask.

The Aries Man.

If you want a fiery, passionate lover, an Aries man knows how to get you excited and hot.

He’s an initiator, so don’t worry about making love to him because he’ll make love to you. He tends to be a lusty man who craves excitement and being active in and out of the bedroom.

So, if you want to be his lover, plan on being adventurous and active. He appreciates originality, so buying tickets to catch a sports event or making reservations at his favorite restaurant can be arousing to him. He is constantly searching for new activities to try and experience. He doesn’t “do boredom,” well.

Your Aries man doesn’t like taking “no” for an answer—as in “I’m just not in the mood—right now, honey.” When he hears those words, he’ll turn on his virile charm and become a lover that will get you in the mood. He will rise to the occasion and take you on a creative bedroom adventure.

You can expect your Aries man to have passions that are hot and quickly ignited.

While he likes to initiate, he also loves to be enthusiastically pursued. Since he’s aggressive sexually, he will appreciate you’re initiation, too. He has great stamina in the bedroom, so make sure you’ve taken your vitamins or eaten your oysters before you see him.

He’s a physical lover whose lovemaking passion, you will feel in every part of your body. Forget the “virgin act,” and protestations such as: “I’ve never really done that before.” There’s no need to be bashful because he wants you to want him with the same gusto and lack of inhibition.

Be prepared for the possibility that your affair with him will be short.

His independent nature can cause him to be a bit like a bee going from flower to flower, sampling all that a beautiful, fragrant garden has to offer. Since he’s eager for new experiences, at first he may treat making love with you just as one more exciting new experience.

So, if you want to keep him interested in you, make sure you bring your lovemaking “A-Game” to the bedroom. Give him a thrilling experience he won’t soon forget. That means show him you’re an original, imaginative and hot lover who knows how to bring him pleasure he won’t find in just any garden.

Your Aries man is entranced by a woman he sees as being a beautifully feminine goddess he can adore.

He has many sexual fantasies he may keep to himself. You can make one of them come true.  When you go out with him to brunch, wear a sundress, and give him a brief glimpse of the nylons and garters you’re wearing underneath. Be careful that he doesn’t choke on his food when you tell him you’re not wearing any underwear. (“I hope you don’t mind.”)

You will drive him wild! That’s what he wants, a woman who is his fantasy: original and filled with the same passion for sex that he is.

He can be very direct and even blunt. So if you’ve captured his heart, he will let you know that his intention is to win yours, hoping that you’ll pursue him. He’s an impulsive man who often has no control over his passions.

Don’t be shocked if you’re on a long country drive and he pulls his car, parks under a shady oak tree and ravages you in the back seat. To him, a man has to do what a man has to do. If you want a  bold, exciting man who is loving and affectionate with a generous heart, he is your type of lover.

As lovers, both Aries woman and men tend to be sexually compatible with those who have their Sun in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Libra.

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