April 22, 2015

I Have a Dream. {Poem}

mother earth

I have a dream.

Let us dream. Dream, for a while.
That love will be the kiss of the sprit on our body

That the air will be cleared of all poisons
That human passion, humane and authentic
Will dry up human fear.

That the streets will be full of children and bikes

That people will not be driven by cars
Nor owned by their titles, jobs and houses
Nor slaves to technology
That the television will no longer be a member of the family
Nor our gadgets replace communicating with each other as human beings

That success will not be measured by the level of consumption,
Nor the quality of life by quantity of things
Or by bank balances and titles of roles to cling to.

That man shall wage war not for ideology,
But on poverty.
That arms makers and arms sellers will declare bankruptcy
And young men not be imprisoned for not wanting to be a part of Jihad or Military Service
But for wanting to be a part of it.

That cooks won’t believe that lobsters love to be boiled alive,
Nor poachers skin animals to dress you and me

No one shall live in the shame of unemployment and poverty
No one shall die of hunger, as no one can die of over eating.
Poor children will not be treated like garbage,
Because there will be no poor children.
Nor rich children like gold,
Because there will be no rich children.
Education will not be privy to those who can pay for it.

That a poor Indian woman will be the prime minister of India,
That an Indian woman will be the leader of Guatemala and of Peru
That the United Kingdom will have an Asian woman leading them
And the Unites States will have a black woman as President

That our schizophrenics and the depressed
Will be accepted as trustees to a knowledge that alphabet cannot describe
The wisdom of a far beyond…

That the words preventing deterioration
And postponing death will no longer be a “positive outcome”
There is no such thing as terminally ill
We are all mortal.

That this world which is upside down
Will stand up straight.
That man will work to live,
Not live to work.

That the Church shall correct a typo on the tablet of Moses
That the sixth commandment is about the celebration of the body
And will add one more commandment…
Thou shalt love nature to which thy belongs.

This is my dream.
This is what I wish for you as
This is what I am raising my children to.
And I am told they make the world a more beautiful place.

I believe in that more beautiful world. I believe it starts with you and with me.


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Author: Rekha Vijayshankar

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Jeffrey/Flickr

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