April 26, 2015

Life is Our Reflection.

in mirror

Life is a mirror.

Life is our reflection.

The reflection we see in a hand mirror is just a two-dimensional image,
that speaks not, hears not, breathes not.

But the moment we step into life,
therein lies our true living reflection.

The kindness in a stranger is a reflection of our inner compassion.

The blossoming flowers, a reminder of our own open heart.

The vast vibrant sky, the unlimited potential of our being.

Even the imperfections we see.

The stranger who looks away,
reminds us that sometimes we forget to see.

The 10th cloudy day when all we yearn is sun,
reminds us of unforeseen darker days.

But just as the sun always comes out,
with help from wind to clear away clouds,
so too are we a light that that needs just breath,
to keep our light alive.

Perhaps the most perfect reflection of all,
is realizing these imperfections are our reflection too.

And that is the most beautiful reflection of all.


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Author: Ayami Bassett

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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