April 30, 2015

My Anti-Bucket List.

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“The most amazing things are right in front of us, right where we are. Right now. We don’t have to go anywhere or see some incredible sights or do daring activities to experience the wonder of life. … What would a shorter list of meaningful activities look like? What would your anti-bucket list contain?” ~ Leo Baobuta, Zen Habits

I’ve never watched the movie, The Bucket List, nor have I ever written my own bucket list.

Is it because I’m afraid of death and find it too morbid to make a list of things I want to do or places I want to go before I die? Or is it because I choose a lifestyle that is no longer governed by a checklist of any kind?

An anti-bucket list is a sort of a checklist. But rather than goals, these are the few, essential things that I incorporate into all my days.

They are neither goals to be achieved, nor places to be toured.

They are actions. They are present tense practices. They are everyday.


I tune into my breath. I notice the inhale going in and the exhale going out. I notice the quality of my breath. I deepen and slow my breath. I practice pranayama. I feel a deep, intense gratitude for fresh, clean air and for my life-giving breath.


I practice yoga asana. Maybe just for ten minutes. Maybe for over an hour. Active practice, sun salutations, vinyasa flows, quiet practice, yin, restorative poses. I tune into my body. I move and listen.


A poem, a chapter, an essay, article, memoir, novel, nonfiction book, blog… I read many things, but the key is to maintain a habit of reading quality literature and media. Nourishing the mind with good food.


Writing practice: stream of consciousness journaling. Freedom to write what I want. Freedom to create sentences and paragraphs from strings of letters and words. Freedom to write for myself only or for the world.


Whether a leisurely stroll or a rigorous hike, I walk every day. I move my limbs. I feel grateful for my body’s miraculous systems that keeps me alive and walking.


I practice peace. I speak and act with compassion. I listen mindfully. I am present and whole.


I give what I can to others. I try to be of benefit. I share what little wisdom I have gained over the years of life and practice. I share my words with you as if they are tiny slices of cake.


I am curious. I am open. I laugh and sing and dance and play. I have fun.

Every day.



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Author: Michelle Margaret Fajkus 

Editor: Renée Picard

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