April 26, 2015

Straight Teenager Asks his Gay Best Friend to Prom.

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Being a teenager is hard. Being a gay teenager is even harder.

Sadly, sexual orientation is still a cause for discrimination, although some progress has been made, in terms of equal rights for all.

Kids and teenagers get picked on for so many various, inane reasons that it can be really tough to just try to relax and be yourself.

Hell, many young folks don’t even know who the hell they are yet—youth is a time of self-discovery. Growing up is a wild ride, and adolescence especially has always been a f*cking hard life stage to muddle one’s way through.

But the time’s they are a-changing—and so are kids!

And while there’s always going to be some assholes who want to pick on others to make themselves feel superior, the good news is that there’s a helluva a lot of folks who truly want to create an enlightened society, in which kindness and acceptance prevails.

I discovered a fine example of this, when I came across this article.

straight, male teenager asked his gay, male friend to prom!

See, Jacob Lescenski is a high school student, who happens to have a gay best friend. Apparently, Jacob’s original plans for a prom date fell through, so he had decided to just attend the dance alone.

But one night, Jacob was perusing his Twitter feed, and he saw that his best friend Anthony had tweeted about not having a prom date and wanting one.

Jacob felt his best friend deserved to attend prom with a date, if that’s what he wanted, so Jacob decided he would ask Anthony to prom himself!

The sweetest thing is, Jacob asked Anthony to prom in a super fun and special way.

He created a large banner, reading the following brief poem:

You’re hella gay, I’m hella straight,

But you’re like my brother, so be my date?

The poster and invitation to prom was a huge surprise for Anthony, who accepted happily!

This awesome story gives me hope that we are continuing to advance towards a more progressive and accepting society as a whole.


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Author: Yoli Ramazzina

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Twitter, via @anthonyseXC



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