Waiting for a Miracle. {Poem}

Via Ashleigh Hitchcock
on Apr 22, 2015
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My brother was living with cancer.

I prayed all day, every day

for him to get better.

My sole heart’s desire

was for him to be well.

He was my favorite person.


One day he took a

turn for the worse.

Now, it would take

a miracle to save him.

I’d never seen him complain.

But now he was hurting—

he’d dropped his smile.

I didn’t want someone I loved

to suffer.

My selfish desire

changed to compassion.

So, I sacrificed

my faith.

I stopped praying for him to live

and instead wished

for him to die.

I woke the next morning

to a perfect summer day.

We’d all gathered in

my brother’s bedroom.

His breathing

was shallow.


he took a deep, fresh breath

but instead of breathing out,

his spirit left through

an open window.

So, I didn’t get the miracle

I’d prayed for.

Instead, I’ve learned to embrace

the hundreds of everyday life

blessings since.

I honor my brother

by living my life

as if it were a miracle.


“There are two ways to find God, one is to find your faith—and the other is to lose it.” 

~ Joshua Scott Onysko


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Author: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr


About Ashleigh Hitchcock

Ashleigh Hitchcock loves writing because she is full of bright ideas, feelings, and experiences. She has always been her own best friend, and she loves everyone. Ashleigh uses meditation to connect to her basic goodness, and lives her life to be of benefit. She practices non-attachment and gives away her favorite objects often. Catch up with Ashleigh on Facebook.


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