May 17, 2015

An Empath’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde.

Mercyry Retrograde

I strongly recommend all empaths take a note of when Mercury is in retrograde, as this period can have a turbulent effect on our lives.

By aligning, rather than going against these periods, we can save ourselves an incredible amount of frustration and avoid many problems.

Being an empath, I am extremely sensitive to energy levels.

Therefore, whenever something is happening in the atmosphere, I am guaranteed to feel it.

Usually, I can sense things before they are happening, so I always make sure I pay attention and prepare myself in the best way I can, so that I do not suffer through its period. I have done this in the past, due to not being fully aware or finding out about it too late.

Empaths may also notice a heightened awareness to external stimuli during the shadow period of the retrograde, which takes place a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after the main time of Mercury’s retrograde. As empaths have a strong intuition and also absorb energy easily, we should be extremely careful with our interactions with others, as we will most likely be in an elevated state of being and on high alert.

It is also important to take steps to protect ourselves, so that other people’s negative energy does not penetrate ours and trigger us to react easily. 

It is essential to find out if the moon is going to be full during the retrograde and if so, at what stage, as the moon in its full glory can intensify and stir the energy storms further.

Three or four times a year Mercury appears as though it is traveling backwards through the Zodiac—it isn’t though it is just an illusion.

Mercury is closer to the sun than Earth is, therefore, its orbit is shorter.

As Mercury passes closest to Earth, the planet appears as though it slows down and is perceived as though it is stationary. We gain the illusion that Mercury is travelling backwards, however, it is all to do with the speed that Earth and Mercury are travelling at. The effect is similar effect as when we are on a train and we pass another it can seem as though the one is going backwards.

All planets go through a similar period, where they appear as though they are spinning backwards. The reason we pay strict attention to the planet Mercury is that the effects of it seem to affect a lot of people in similar ways.

Mercury is the planet associated with communication, listening, speaking, learning, negotiating, buying, selling, traveling plans, vehicles, contracts and agreements. So, when Mercury is in retrograde we can expect any or all of these things to also spin as though they appearing to go backwards, or out of control.

I try not to pay too much attention to anything that goes wrong during the retrograde period, as quite often is the case, once Mercury appears back on track, or even further down the line, things sort themselves out and reach a satisfactory resolve.

Mercury retrograde is strongly associated with confusions, delays and frustrations—it is the perfect time to take a look at our past. A lot seems to happen in a short space of time, which can overwhelm and confuse our internal processing.

By changing my perception and instead of allowing it to cause me turmoil, I instead look at things with a simplistic and carefree view—letting go of what is not meant for me and allowing other things to briefly return for moments of reflection.

As an empath, I often view the time of Mercury retrograde as though the wind is going through a change a direction. I can either go with the wind, feeling the breeze and allowing it to carry me along, or I can go against it, causing myself to struggle, feel flustered and eventually weaken from pushing away from it.

The more I know about myself as an empath and also about Mercury retrograde, the fewer problems I experience during this period.

I try to keep a low profile, other than keeping company with those whose energies align similarly with mine.

I understand that everyone, whether an empath type personality or not, will be affected in some way by this retrograde. Therefore, even if I am aware of my own sensitivities and personality changes during this time, I am not able to judge how others will be reacting to the powerful energy changes.

As an empath, I pick up on other people’s behavior, emotions and karmic energies.

During Mercury retrograde I am more sensitive than I normally would be, therefore, I am at a higher risk of being easily influenced by all of these things, causing them to have a detrimental effect on my own emotions. By remaining aware and alert to what is happening around me, I am in a stronger position to protect myself, so that I do not absorb anything that may not be good for me.

I try to take everything with a pinch of salt, I desperately try not to take offense to anything that is done, or things that are said and I also do not react to things that I know can just be brushed off and will soon be forgotten.

I am often intolerable, so I remind myself constantly that everyone is behaving a little out of turn and until retrograde has passed, absolutely anything out of the norm is possible. I keep an open and non-judgmental mind at all times, even when I am tested beyond my normal patience levels and boundaries.

Mercury retrograde is a difficult time for many with the universe’s energy interacting with our own—to take on and absorb other people’s altered states of energy as well as our own, just compounds onto an already intensive period while experiencing the effects of the retrograde.

Empaths are often seen as human sponges, soaking up the emotional and psychic static electricity that others send out.

Taking on other people’s toxic waste that is thrown out to the atmosphere can be destructive and devastating to the inner balance and calm of an empath’s often fragile being.

By keeping certain people and situations at an arms length, I use a form of self-preservation to ensure these few weeks are as stress free as possible. Before making any plans or arrangements, I consider who, what, where and when things will be happening to avoid any possible traumatic or uncomfortable situations.

Often during Mercury retrograde, things can become overwhelming as the effect of Mercury’s energy, together with all human’s accumulative energy levels can drown out our own.

I love my own company, so I use this as a great time to kick back and bury down into my cave.

I see it as a mini-hibernation, though at all times paying attention to what is coming, going and also what is remaining inside so that I can alter my inner compass and head out of the period with a great sense of where I’m going, where I’ve been, but most importantly where I am right now.

Often, right in the middle of retrograde I take a short break, either on my own or with someone close to me, even if it’s just for a few days, to escape from the height of its effects. I think carefully before going and always double or triple check all travel plans, I head to a place I am familiar with—somewhere that I class as a safe haven. If possible I revisit a place with childhood memories and not too far away to avoid any retrograde infused travel chaos ensuing.

I choose a place where I can forget about technology and communication, so that I have less chance of complications happening or being in the crux while things around me go wrong.

I then can slow things down and relax, calmly, in a place which I am familiar with, which I always think is the best way for me to reflect on my past, especially serendipities, and look at where I’m going and try to make sense of my journey. This is something that Mercury retrograde is a great time for, as it too is in this process of “traveling backward” whilst still going forward.

I also make sure I take time to reconnect with old friends or relatives who I have not seen for a while.

Anything from my past that I have been thinking about, I connect with. I try not to communicate with those whose energy feels toxic or those who energies feel heavy and weigh me down.
Mercury retrograde used to be a time I dreaded.

I anticipated it as though a thick dark cloud was slowly approaching and I would feel as though I was drowning when it finally stood above me. Instead of crouching under the rainfall shielding myself from the force, I now stretch my arms wide out and stand grounded, allowing it to energize me and embrace its powerful life-force and nourishment, knowing it soon will pass.

I see this time period as a great learning curve, I discover that I can learn a lot about patience, acceptance and also about releasing and letting go of things that in the scheme of things, do not matter. I reflect inwards, but I also find it interesting to look outwards too at how the energy is affecting others. By keeping a clear mind and also a carefree attitude, I allow things to come, things to go and also things to return that normally I might reject.

I discover I find a lot about who I am internally, even though the planets are spinning in such a way that could cause confusion. When the storm sets in, I keep my feat grounded and ride the wave perfectly, and when I do fall, I use it as a chance to reflect once again, pick myself back up and try again.

Although this used to be a period of turmoil, it is now one that I celebrate as it helps me push through the nitty-gritty and uncomfortable-ness I often avoid.

It is a period of soul searching and one of reflection. One of accepting what is and releasing what isn’t.

The most important thing to remember, during Mercury retrograde is a few very simple words that will turn a possibly traumatic period into a very calm one, and also a period of time that helps me to get to know myself far better. These few words are “Let it go.”

Let it go, let it go, let it go.

I tell myself these words over and over. I repeat them in my head, I say them out load, I even scream them if necessary.

The words become my mantra and also remind me that all is not what it seems, so what better thing can I do for myself and for everything around me than to, Let go, let go, let go.


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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

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Photo: courtesy of Addy Evans

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