May 29, 2015

Full June Honey Moon—Expand into our Authentic Self.


What if the moon could stretch you into everything you have been thinking was impossible?

What if the moon could awaken creativity you never knew you possessed?

What if the moon was simply a reflection of your desires, your moods, your inner tides, and truly could guide you to finding your best self?

The Full Moon in June is traditionally a time of gathering—within the physical and mystic realm alike.

Within the physical, focus on early summer foods: asparagus, spinach and strawberries, of course. Also, sorrel and dandelion are designed for a faster metabolism; they keep us light and open to new dreams.

Lighter foods keep us mentally focused on forward movement. Body and spirit aligned, as it were.

In the mystic realm, gather your dreams and hopes, ambitions and desires. They are waiting for you to tap into summer’s explosive energy to come to fruition.

The full moon in June harnesses the planetary energy of Sagittarius—the visionary, expansive sign that calls us towards the revelations of the subconscious mind, and the potential of our highest self—where everything is possible as long as we keep to our personal truth.

Nothing is impossible!

What if you believed this to be true?

What could you accomplish if you knew you could not fail?

Sagittarius and the irrepressible moon bring these things to your life in June:

Optimism and good fortune
Enthusiasm and initiative
An abundant joy for projects that keep one reaching for things previously out of reach
Intellectual growth
Honesty and openness
Self expression

So about this personal truth.

Often, we are swayed by the demands of our life and expectations of others to live a life less than satisfactory.

True, we have responsibilities.

Sometimes responsibilities drown out our creative force. In my experience, when we stop being inherently creative (because we are nothing if not creators), we lose the edge and zest for life.

But when we listen very closely to what our soul needs, we fall into what is our birthright; to create each moment of our life as honestly as we can.

Here are a few tips to guide you through the month of June. The full moon is our signal towards authenticity. It brings in the tide of emotions and spiritual teachings that live deep down inside each of us:

• By the light of the full moon (this can span the day before and after the full moon) sit down with a journal and whatever you know to spark your creativity. It might be music, a book, or a glass of wine.

• Sit quietly and remember. There was a time when you knew exactly what made you tick, what creativity you sought out to contact your truth.

• Allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to take up what stirs you. Painting, gardening, sport, writing, reading, crafting, you name it. This can also include a new vocation.

I know a woman who struggled emotionally and within her partnerships until she took up real estate, which she had previously set aside as something she couldn’t transition into. Once she found the courage to take the leap, the rest of her aligned with other truths she had been suppressing.

• Take steps toward your new found dreams each day of June. It doesn’t have to be anything big. For instance, if you dream of living by the sea, cut out some pictures of sea side cabins and stick them on your fridge. Find some objects that you would have in your cabin and use them as talismans to help you create your future goal.

• You may find some opposition or questions from friends or partners who will want to know why you’re suddenly so bloody happy and doing stuff you’ve not done before. It’s human nature to doubt oneself under scrutiny from others. Just go back to your journal and record how you feel and read what your soul told you the night of the full moon.

• At the end of the month, journal what came of your initial step into the unknown. You might find that you need to be your own biggest support.

• Make a plan for living your truth. Manifest at your own pace. Each full moon make a new pledge to yourself to create on a daily basis.

The full moon in Sagittarius brings upheaval, but also contentment.

Once we are honest with ourselves about who we truly are, and what will make our life worthwhile, we can be more truthful with others.

June’s moon is like a catapult that throws away doubts and fears and finds us laughing at the edge of a rushing vibrant river.

This is the river of self-discovery.

Jump in!



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Author: Asha Mevlana

Editor: Travis May

Image: Gaia Orion–Used with permission


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