May 21, 2015

How to Love a Woman Who Loves the Rain.


Photo: Ana Skahil on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/annasphotos10/) Author obtained permission.

Simple crystalline days with blue sky and brilliant sunshine may be beautiful—they may be carefree and inspiring, but there is something intoxicatingly mesmerizing about a woman who loves the rain.

“She was passionate about the rain and I was passionate about the way she loved it. It was that way with everything.” ~ Christopher Poindexter

A woman who loves the rain is unlike any other woman—and you will not be able to forget that.

Although she will burn hotter than the sun, her eyes carry faraway dark storm clouds that even the bravest run from at times.

The greatest gift you can give a woman who loves the rain is to show her that you’ll still be there enjoying her storm regardless of how much her gusts may whirl around and turn your life upside down.

A woman who loves the rain believes the greatest accolade is being accepted and loved exactly for who she is. She knows that, just like nature, she is not meant to be altered or tamed but merely experienced.

She is aware that some days she may catch you in a downpour and others will be sweet sun showers, but what she craves is someone, who will love her rains regardless of their strength.

To love a woman who loves the rain is to know that, no matter what else may happen, she will be your calm within a storm. Even when the clouds clash in deafening thunder and lightning is flashing across the sky of your life, she will be your peace and will help bring you back to your center.

For a woman who loves the rain does not fear the darkness, or the strong gales of change—she knows those are the most powerful moments in our lives.

She will be your cool breeze after the storm on a hot and muggy day. She will be your clarity when your life seems to be nothing but chaos. She will be the feeling of home in your chest and the desire that makes your pulse race.

To love a woman who loves the rain is to delight in the way the world feels. She is bare feet splashing in mud puddles and the warm salty waters of distant seas splashed across your eyes. She is the taste on your lips as you drift off to sleep and the feel of your dreams when you wake with your arm around her.

She is the taste of salted caramels and homemade limoncello; she is river water and sunshine—she somehow will become everything you never knew you wanted.

She is the touch of a thousand drops of rain on your skin falling all at once.

To love a woman who loves the rain is to know that there will be fluidity to her relationships and, though she may crave skies wide open and free, her love is stable enough to weather any storm.

She moves like the rain, and her kisses send electricity through your body like a lightning bolt straight to your heart.

A woman who loves the rain doesn’t hold a place in her heart with the expectation of ownership, because she appreciates that anything worth having is meant to stay free.

The only way she knows how to love is with the candor of the wind before the heavy rains of a summer storm begin to fall.

She is the one who will ask you to close your eyes before she brings her lips down upon yours because she knows that the best things in this world are rarely seen, but instead felt.

A woman who loves the rain is the one that will be dancing in the warm rains, letting herself become drenched and drinking up the moment, just as you drink from her lips. She will be bare shoulders, long seductive kisses and midnight swims in a rushing river.

To love a woman who loves the rain is to not just observe the rain and the loveliness of it, but rather to take full delight in dancing in the wind-swept downpours of her love and desire.

A woman who loves the rain will be your quiet undoing and the one you won’t ever let get away.


Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Anna Skahill Photography/Flickr

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