May 24, 2015

How to Run Late without Stressing.

apply lipstick

The art of being fashionably late.

My kids and I were chronically late.

And it was beginning to drive folks we had a schedule with crazy.

I totally get it.

Being late is plain rude.

I decided to approach the situation in my usual way. I surveyed my friends for a solution.

I asked them how they avoided being stressed out when they were running late.

My favorite advice was to be “fashionably late.”

So, I adopted the practice of being fashionable late in a literal and practical way.

Lip gloss!

Anytime we were running late, we’d stop our hurrying, apply lipgloss and continue on our way.

It was always worth the 30 second pause. Instead of slowing us down, it saved us time because it switched our mode—we were now breathing, present and instantly calm.

Even though we were late, we looked and felt great.

One important thing we always remembered is to use cruelty free lipgloss. Our favorite is actually a lip balm, because we have boys in our family too. Pangaea Organics Ecocentric Lipcare.



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Author: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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