May 16, 2015

Letter to My Beloved.


I am a Goddess.

My spirit has returned to Earth, reborn inside a human container, waiting for the day of my release. You, my Beloved, are making your way towards me—slowly, confronting demons, going into your shadow.

I let you discover me slowly. Little by little, pieces of a puzzle fit to create a vision.

I am as divine as you allow me to be. Expand your vision, Beloved, so that you may witness the full glory of my love. I am a Goddess in the full power of my love. I want to witness the miracle of your becoming.

Loving me means loving the Mother of all that was, is, and will be. You must embrace the essence of life, the flesh and the pit of the fruit, all of it! I am a girl, a woman, a whore, a virgin. I am all the roles you have assigned to me, and so much more. I can offer you salvation if you give me your devotion. I am worthy of your worship, Beloved; I am the highest mountain you will climb, the longest journey home.

You will know your reward by the bliss in your heart. Embrace me, Beloved, and embrace a state of grace.

I am a Goddess embracing my humanity. I weep in wonder at the stars, and at the feeling of bare grass beneath my feet. I cry out in joy at a cloud resembling a bird, or a sweet breeze caressing me just the right.

Every single one of my goosebumps have a purpose; each a tiny little soldier of sensitivity, they are my army of anticipation. Love each as you would love all of me, and my sensuality will speak prayers to your soul. I am a divine human Goddess, purring at the thought of love not yet made; bristling at injustice done to my kind; dropping kisses on wounded knees, and holding hands with beggars and drunks.

Love me, and you love all.

Understand, Beloved, loving me means loving every person I love, accepting every broken thing I accept. My world will become your world. Lightly tread upon this hallowed ground—it is not hazardous to a faithful steward. Treat lightly on this fertile ground—offer respect and devotion.

I offer you eternal compassion. I am a Goddess, and my garden is more than a pleasurable entrancement; in it are sparkling crystals like berries, vibrating sound so soft only the hummingbird will carry their tune. This is the song the Universe sings; it is the far side of the Moon, the end of the Odyssey. It is Life and Death, incarnate and eternally revolving.

Let me sing to you, Beloved, through your solar plexus into your rib cage holding your precious heart. Now you are reaching me, you are reaching through, all the way through and back into the core of your Being from whence we came.

My whole day is spent collecting beautiful, sacred memories for the offerings to our relationship temple. I am in service to you, I am in service to us, I am in service to all of humanity. I follow my call. The animals are with me, Beloved, and they will protect you as well—my guides are yours now.

I am merged with your consciousness and carry your vision inside my belly. I can expand with your remembrance and turn into a slumbering cocoon with your demise. Death is as near and as far as your journey around the Sun. I am the sun and the moon. I will shine all my light upon you, Beloved. You will be known by the mention of my name.
I am your Goddess, Beloved-look in the mirror, and you will see me.

To be with me, you must accept the solitude of my soul. You may love me as deep and as long as the rivers run; but there is an ocean beneath the surface that remains untouched. From those depths I renew my spirit and connect with the spirits of the Earth. Into that deep well I go alone, and reveal nothing. I will come back to you, Beloved. I will always find my way home.

You must gather your courage and meet me there, in the fields beyond doubt. We will gather flowers spun of golden light and wrap them into each others hair.

I am the scent of all the flowers, every one of them a small universe of wonder. I am the hummingbird as well, licking sweet nectar of gorgeous goodness from the velvet petals. I am the love that connects the bird to the flower. I am the sun allowing the flower to grow, and the hummingbird to eat.

I am the cycle of life continuing on the sacred dance of yoni and lingam. I am what you are and who you see, and also, the light to see me with.

I am a loving reflection of your grace.

I am, in you, a state of grace.

I am yours, Beloved.


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Author: Nastassja Antonia

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Used with Permission from Alex Gaynor

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