Loving & Understanding an Empath.

Via Alex Myles
on May 21, 2015
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Empaths are unique personality types, their sensory levels are always on high alert, they are incredibly intuitive and their awareness and sensitivity to the energy levels that vibrate around them are extremely high.

If an empath senses something, they are not often wrong. If they think someone’s lying or that something is just “not right” you can bet your last dollar that they are not wrong.

Therefore, a basic understanding of this mystical and quite magical creature is highly beneficial.

Empaths have quite a few little quirks, traits and characteristics that are worth knowing about, and gaining a better understanding of, so that any relationship that is formed has a strong survival chance and also so that it thrives.

Empaths can be deeply misunderstood. It can take a little time to get to know them before they fully unravel and until their true magnificent spirit receives the opportunity to shine.

Love with an empath will be intense as they are energetically sensitive, therefore they will pick up on everything and anything that is happening around them. Regardless of whether emotions have been outwardly expressed, empaths will experience their partner’s emotions as deeply as they feel their own.

It is impossible to try to hide true feelings when romantically involved with an empath as they will likely have figured them out long before the person feeling them has. Empaths are highly intuitive yet sometimes fail to trust their inner voice as too many people have previously tried to wrongly convince them that their gut feelings were wrong.

Being a little naïve and trusting at times, the empath has doubted themselves and pushed aside their intuition, causing them to lose faith in the power they hold within that alerts them to any perceived signs of danger. That being said, the little nagging voice in the empath’s head will not subside until the reality and truth has been fully uncovered.

Empaths like truth. However hard the truth is to handle, they would rather be told things straight than told a lie, even if it is a white one. Although the truth isn’t always pretty, it is much nicer than spending days and nights trying to make sense of all the complicated energies and subliminal messaging systems that are going on.

If there’s one thing that empaths are amazing at it is dealing with a brutally raw and honest relationship. Although they can be rather delicate creatures on some levels, their strength in relationships is found where honesty, trust and loyalty come before anything else.

Empaths can be perceived as having hearts that are caged in. Although, this is only true when they have been deceived so many times they feel that their only option is protection. The true spirit of an empath wants to give and receive love in abundance, though they are only able to do this when they feel safe and secure that they are in a safe place to open the door and allow the love to flow.

One of the most tragic parts about the empath’s character is that all too often the love is cast out in all the wrong places. Empaths feel the pain and sorrow of the whole world and feel that they want to heal and fix the world up and make things better for all concerned. This can be an amazingly powerful thing and this energy is exactly what the world needs. However, this can also be a deeply painful way to exist.

Not everyone sees the world the way an empath views it and because of this, an empath’s heart will be broken constantly and they will bleed endlessly for cruelty, injustice and inequalities. There will be many who will want to take the love, affection and the empath’s good nature with no care for giving any return.

Whilst this can teach an empath a lot about unconditional love and also an immense amount about self-preservation, it is also a deeply painful learning process.

An empath will fail to understand why others do not give out care, consideration and affection freely and why other people can so easily turn a blind eye to heartbreak and suffering when healing is what is required. Others may ridicule and belittle the empaths desire to reach out and make a difference, and this serves to add salt to their wounds.

When an empath feels hurt, what they need most is loving support and understanding so that they know they are not alone in wanting to use some of their powerful energy to heal and make changes in the world; if they receive this from a partner, a bond for life will very likely form.

Empaths will fall into the hands of those who want to take advantage of their somewhat naïve and caring nature. Again, this is another sharp lesson and one that can cause an empath to develop a sense of mistrust and what leads to protecting their emotions with barriers and brick walls.

It can also lead to an empath to feelings of unworthiness and also low-self esteem, as once they have depleted their energy reserves to such a low level by giving and not understanding how to protect themselves in the process, they can end up with a broken heart and with very little faith in mankind.

It is not in an empaths nature to take, they only know how to give, so to ensure the relationship is one of balance and is also harmonious, ensure the empath is shown love in the form of actions, so that the circle of love flows freely. Words will mean little to an empath, unless they are followed through. Their intuition will quickly pick up on something done with poor intent, or if a person’s words are inauthentic.

To love someone who is an empath means to recognise that they thrive when the flames are turned up, not down. An empath gives off a powerful and energetic fuel of love, light and radiance, though the fire only fully rages when an empath exists in a sacred place within which they feel secure enough to glow.

Empaths are soft, delicate and immensely vulnerable creatures on the inside, although, once burnt, on the outside they can appear incredibly strong. Once bitten, twice shy where an empath is concerned, they find it very difficult to forget deep wounds and to continue a relationship once foundations are rocked.

The best way to fully connect with an empath is by creating a safe and solid platform to build a future upon. If cracks appear through mistrust and deceit, it can become immensely difficult to repair them. Empaths thrive on trust, loyalty and dependability. Show them these things and the relationship will be very difficult to break.

As empaths are highly passionate people, they will often find a strong connection to a hobby or interest that others will find impossible to penetrate. Due to their creative side, they may find a resonance with music, dance, writing, art, activism, reading, Yoga, meditation, humanitarian causes or other similar interests. Whatever it is that has captured the mind of an empath will be become sacred in their hearts.

Empaths will immerse themselves in their hobbies and lose themselves completely and sometimes this can feel as though their interests are the only things that matter to them. Although they will have a deep attachment to their passions, it is far easier to understand that an empath loves all things at great levels of intensity and they need outside interests to survive and feel alive, this can sometimes be difficult for others to understand.

Space, plenty of space, and freedom to explore and submerge in their chosen activity is the easiest way to deal with this. Asking an empath to choose may not give the desired outcome that would be hoped for. The heart quickly gets connected to passionate interests, and once that connection has been made, the heart will be break if it has to be severed.

Respect and understanding for another’s alone time can make or break a relationship with an empath. An empath will not want or expect anyone else to dive as deeply into their interests as they do, however, an understanding that their interests are significantly important can really make life a whole lot easier.

There is no need to feel ostracized or unwelcome, while there’s a little chance an empath will let you fully in to their special interest, it is far more likely they will gain more pleasure when they are wrapped up in it by themselves. This is not selfish or inconsiderate, it is just simply how the empath’s heart and spirit operate.

If they have a connection to something, it is intense and they will very likely wish to delve as deeply into it as is possible. Passions are a great energy release and empaths will possibly feel as though they zone-out while immersed, and they will very likely lose all track of time. Allow them to take pleasure in it, and with the free time this has created, take up interests separately rather than allowing resentment or frustration to build.

It possibly won’t last for too long, as empaths are known to move quickly from one interest to another once the initial burning desire of connection eventually simmers down.

As empaths are sensitive to energy, their worst-case scenarios are confrontations and aggressive situations. Although under normal circumstances they are one of the least violent and aggressive characters, they can very easily lose their self-control if they become absorbed in the negative and toxic energy that surrounds them. Empaths are fight or flight characters who more often than not, will prefer to take flight and remove themselves from the weight that the energy is bearing down on them.

If situations like this occur regularly, it can eventually lead empaths to become introverted and homebodies as they prefer the safety of their own environment where they are not subjected to the rise and fall of other people’s energies. After attending any kind of social situation, they will need downtime to recharge and to balance out their own energy fields.

Places such as supermarkets, nightclubs, the cinema or anywhere where there is a large crowd of people, will be very draining for an empath. They are very sensitive to light and sound, so these things can also have a detrimental and draining effect on an empath’s psyche. An empath will likely need to hold on to their partner’s hand or arm during such occasions, finding that their partner’s energy forms a soothing welcome block and temporary release from the energies that surround.

After attending any social function an empath may feel completely drained and the effects can be temporarily debilitating, meaning that all an empath will want to do is sleep or rest, possibly alone, until the absorbing effects of the occasion have worn off.

All in all, it will take a very secure, confident and balanced person to form a solid mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship with an empath. The empath personality type is a unique and extremely enchanting gift to the world. As long as their wings are not clipped, and they have the freedom and space to fly, it has the opportunity to be a deeply rewarding, incredibly loving and spiritually awakening relationship for both involved.

A connection with an empath can be a blessing and one of the greatest gifts from the universe as it offers the opportunity to look at the world through the lens of a kaleidoscope. Everything that may have once seemed normal for a relationship will be turned upside down as a new understanding and perspective is learned and the unconscious mind is preened open.

At times it may feel like being in the company of a magically gifted being who has special powers that we have been led to believe do not exist within humans. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Nothing will get past an empath as they see, feel and connect with everything at all times.

The one thing I would strongly recommend is to peel back all the layers that society labels as “norms,” “standards” and “expectations.” We are then free to discover a brand new way of existing; giving and receiving unconditional love, being fully alive in the moment, connecting deep within the core of our primal being and reigniting all the superpowers that are inherent within man.

A relationship with an empath can lead to uncovering special gifts such as intuition, energy awareness, deep connection and a brand new level of understanding the fellow man without the need for speech. All the things the modern world has tried, for far too long, to convince us we should deny.

True love can be a very difficult thing for an empath to achieve, although with the right person, with someone understanding, grounded, free spirited and trustworthy, love can be an intimate, deeply bonding, healing, fulfilling, empowering and healthy addiction that neither will want to break.



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Author: Alexsandra Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo credits: Ira Meyer Photography (Used with permission), Becca & Matt




About Alex Myles

Alex Myles is a qualified yoga and Tibetan meditation teacher, Reiki Master, spiritual coach and also the author of An Empath, a newly published book that explains various aspects of existing as a highly sensitive person. The book focuses on managing emotions, energy and relationships, particularly the toxic ones that many empaths are drawn into. Her greatest loves are books, poetry, writing and philosophy. She is a curious, inquisitive, deep thinking, intensely feeling, otherworldly intuitive being who lives for signs, synchronicities and serendipities. Inspired and influenced by Carl Jung, Nikola Tesla, Anaïs Nin and Paulo Coelho, she has a deep yearning to discover many of the answers that seem to have been hidden or forgotten in today’s world. To purchase Alex’s paperback book or ebook please click here or click here to connect with her on Facebook, or click here to join Alex’s Facebook group for empaths and highly sensitive people to connect.


80 Responses to “Loving & Understanding an Empath.”

  1. Ken says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing. Is there a way to “block” absorbing people’s energy? I noticed that my legs absorb the most energy from others, followed by my neck/shoulders/arms. I have found a “healer” that releases these negative energy blocks from my chakras every 2 weeks. Would love to know if you have found any ways to restrict or filter/block the emotions of others? Thanks.

  2. Lacey says:

    “It can also lead to an empath to feelings of unworthiness and also low-self esteem, as once they have depleted their energy reserves to such a low level by giving and not understanding how to protect themselves in the process, they can end up with a broken heart and with very little faith in mankind.”
    This describes me at this exact moment. I have been rocked beyond my ability to recover, I have lost all trust in people, and even though I have tried, I end up having major anxiety attacks and depression. I gave everything, did what everyone wanted and needed, and now I am the one alone. I dont think there is any recovery from this.

  3. cmk says:

    I faced a great deal of financial, mental and emotional hardships, panic attacks and was even hospitalized, but eventually made it through as a result of therapy and recovery. I have been diagnosed with so many "issues" it's not even funny, but then they'd just go away after I worked through them. I don't tell this to many people which is why I'll remain a guest here to comment. It was still expected that after all of this I wouldn't be "so sensitive" anymore, and I made things worse for myself by getting into situations I thought would help me "grow thicker skin". Then I was told that I'm an empath and that sensitivity is not because of weakness, it's because of perceptiveness. That has changed my life.

  4. Brad says:

    what youre describing isnt an empath, its more along the longs of a sociopath or psychopath. Im not a psychology expert so I wont claim that i know for certain, but the selfish manipulation of others like that is something a sociopath would do. by the very nature of an empath you wouldnt try to harm others. Did you read the whole article and the section about not being able to take from others? Even if you are aware of your gift/curse which I personally am, you wouldnt sit around thinking of how to manipulate people and use it that way, nor do empaths really ever have the power to learn how to control it at will like your describing. I respect your opinion but….. you're using star treck as a reference? really? Thats pretty obtuse in my opinion. One of the biggest parts of being an empath is feeling what other people feel, half the time more than they even do themselves so hurting others and manipulating for personal gain doesnt fit at all, empaths go out of their way to avoid doing things like that. you would have to lack morals/remorse and have similar observational skills… similar but quite different. and when you apply that criteria you end up talking about a sociopath / machiavellian person.

  5. Cathy says:

    Wow, This is amazing. Everyone thinks I am crazy. Thank you for this info. I too am very intuitive and sensitive to others and the world. It is a relief to know there are others like me. The joy I feel is overwhelming. My motto was that no one cared about me only what I did for them. I know this is a gift from God and I pray everyday to help me handle it. My family shunned. I have always known I was different and that no one understood me. Now I just need to know how to handle it. A support group would be great.

  6. Gloria says:

    OMG, I am an Empath. I knew there were others out there like me, but I did not know there was a name for us. This article is so right on target.

  7. Raquel The Devotional says:

    This has got to be the BEST Empath "Read" yet!!! I often find myself, having to find the words to match up with my existence, but you hit on almost every note imaginable. Now, I can forward this to my husband! lol

  8. Itsaprocess says:

    I identify myself as an empath. My therapist identifies me as an empath. I have had plenty of hardship, poverty, and loss in my life. I am far from insulated. My parents fought, every single day. As a child I remember worrying what they were doing to each other. I took on the role of peacekeeper at a very young age. Do I run from conflict? Sure. Sometimes. Mostly though I try to resolve it. Years later I gut a gut feeling that my son (in kindergarten) was being molested by my brother-in-law. I had only a feeling. Therapists and teachers assured me my son had not been violated. Well, at age 27, he found the courage to tell me the horrible truth. All those years, I thought I had misjudged the situation, so I second-guessed all of my intuitive thoughts. I did not insulate myself, rather, self-doubt. I have learned an incredibly valuable lesson from that. I must trust myself, and move forward accordingly. For now, that means rebuilding my family again, with as much honesty as we all can muster.

  9. SunnieKW says:

    Thank you

  10. Heather says:

    I love this article. I was just recently confirmed by my reiki master that I am an empath. I always thought I was one but it never felt right to put that label on myself. I was taught from a young age that my emotions were to be managed and that whatever I was feeling was not valid. I had a lot of them. Raised in a very conflicting home and every day was a battle with anxiety and a fight to “manage my emotions”. At 23 I went to therapy with an eating disorder. It was terrifying to feel so out of control. To want to turn off all of the emotions because I was drowning in them. I turned inward and was put on medication with the possibility that I had bipolar. That is scary. I went to reiki and she told me it was an energetically emotional thing that I was struggling with and not necessarily something I could not work on. It has been a whirlwind of awakening for me. I am 26 now and will be taking reiki I in the next month. I am ready to utilize this gift for good to help myself and others. Being an empath is incredibly exhausting but I can see it in another light now. I can see that even though it puts so much strain on me it still allows me to make connections from the deepest emotional foundations and for that I am grateful. Stay strong fellow empaths. Lets work on creating our energy bubbles and using what we have for something beautiful!

  11. Adeline says:

    Very True Brad. I have always sensed/known things I can’t explain since I was a child. I just know things and absorb all hidden energies around me, even feeling the emotions of those miles away. I have never and could never bring pain to another. Incapable. I am an INFJ which is 1-2% of population. INFJs are empaths though not all empaths are INFJs. We would make the best CSIs due to our abilities.

  12. Donna says:

    Brilliant article!! I honestly thought I was mentally ill for the last 20 or so years.

    I couldn’t understand why I felt things so deeply, how I just knew people were lying to me or hiding things, how I had visions or thoughts of things in my head that would then come true months down the line.

    How I can read people like open books without knowing why.

    I am not crazy, that is the greatest affirmation for me…After all this time, I am not crazy, I’m an empath.

    Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart…

  13. Donna says:

    Brilliant article!! I honestly thought I was mentally ill for the last 20 or so years.

    I couldn’t understand why I felt things so deeply, how I just knew people were lying to me or hiding things, how I had visions or thoughts of things in my head that would then come true months down the line.

    How I can read people like open books without knowing why.

    I am not crazy, that is the greatest affirmation for me…After all this time, I am not crazy, I’m an empath.

    Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart…

  14. Tai says:

    This is the first time in my life I’ve ever read something that described me perfectly to a Tee . I am also deeply grateful for the clearest and best advice to the partner of an Empath to gain a deep, loving, everlasting relationship. I truly Thank you for writing this article . Much Love !

  15. Sandy says:

    MAJOR Hardships ,Trauma, (abuse, of many types) … Then, Physical Issues a plenty 🙂 .. Cancer , Kidney disease …and some more … All root back to my Empathic giftS … I had no idea what I was doing feeling Everything and everyone , except that I knew it was a way + a gift to Protect myself and others … Thinking that this would eventually , give Me some Peace . It didn't , until just in the last few years … When after a severe Concussion , I realized …. I didn't Have a CLUE who I was !! ? (in my 60s) … I have finally Met Myself ! 🙂 … I have needed to spend much time alone , as WE 🙂 have a lot of catching up to do … I also realized, that thru my Empathic abilities I learned to INNERstand 🙂 people and Love them in spite or because of what I saw and felt… (nice) 🙂 …. 'THEY' say ; You can't Love another Till you Love Yourself … I Totally disagree … It was from Learning about ,feeling ,and loving Others … When it was MY turn , to meet Myself … it was Kind-of like. , Love at First 'sight' 🙂 !! I will get back out to The World and My Pals as I feel ready … Labels are not Conclusive ! We're All doing our best , in this Strange World … and we need more Connection Not Division eh ? 🙂 … We Are ALL gifted in Very different ways …. Happy to Be HERE (usually) …. Thinking What a Grand Adventure This Is ….( even if it 'seems' i did it Backwards) ….. 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 !! ~*~

  16. erye says:

    I’ve known I was an empath for only a short time. I never understood why my moods could change so suddenly just by being around different people. At times I’ve acted happy drunk when I’m around a lot of really happy people and I haven’t had any alcohol. Or the worst is when I’m around upset people, especially the toxic always angry people. It drains me! I started searching for answers after I had my first panic attack. It came out of no where. The feelings I had for weeks after were horrible and wouldn’t stop. Once i realized what was going on with me I saw everything so different. Every encounter changed. I also became so much more aware of my surroundings. Turns out that my co-worker who sits next to me and only a little cubicle style wall separates us was causing it. She is a very angry toxic person and I believe I was taking that all in. I’m still working on not confusing someone’s emotions as my own. Long story short we all got switched around for the time being and I have been feeling so much better. Still have hiccups at work but learning how to manage others emotions has made such a difference in my life. I also do get drained after being in public places. Usually if my husband and I go someplace with a lot of people I’m shot the next day. He does not understand this at all.

  17. Wendy says:

    The picture of the two of you is simple beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me and the world.

  18. Like Karen, I too just fell into tears, a relief of sorts. Finally, somebody knows what I am and it makes sense, now my life growing up is not so weird and troublesome to myself. I have been a Empath, healer and multi Intuitive being all my life. I’ve never had anybody around me like myself and it was hard, so hard for me! People and family think I’m going crazy, truthfully, and it hurts so bad. Nothing would make sense in my life and I knew that there was something else to me at an early age. People think I’m lazy, odd, angery, that I talk nonsense, “how could he know what he talks about”, it hurt me very badly even to this day! Even now when I use this article to better explain me, people still can’t perceive or fathom with their closed minds something they never could to begin with, so now I feel people saying more that I’m losing it for sure. My family hear me say,”I hear your thoughts and your lies right to my face”, yet they still can’t fathom my abilities and mock them. I haven’t even told my family all of the abilities I possess, I can put myself in someone else’s body and feel their struggles on earth, even if they have passed on. I went into a slave woman’s body from somewhere around 1700’s to 1800’s for around 40 minutes and bawled from her fear and sadness, it was so sad! I was physically abused by a stepdad just back from Viet Nam, olives in constant fear with no protection from my mom, broke almost all bones on my body playing sports at a high level, plagued with sickness all my adult life, Gout, 150+ kidney stones and two kidney surgeries and on and on still! My point is, because of my constant illnesses I was visited by two lesser demons every night for approx. 5 to 6 months at 325 to 345am. They wanted to take advantage of my weak body, while I was on bed rest for 2 years, they scared me more then words can describe, even to this day and everyday, but I learned from going inside the lady who was a slave that as scared as I was, it was nothing compared to what slaves had to live a lifetime with, those poor people! I needed some outside help to fend off these nasty dimension hoppers as I call them, but I mustered the nerve to go at them, I am proud to say!!! Thank you for telling me about me through this brilliant article, it’s a blessing for me.

  19. Greenradagast says:

    Hit the nail on the head

  20. Erik says:

    Amelie. It is okay if you don't fully understand it. It isn't about intuition although that would be much easier to deal with sometimes. You are correct that empaths can negotiate grocery stores and crowds. The part that you don't seem to grasp is that sometimes it can be overwhelming if there is a lot of negativity in the room. It can be very confusing. Let me try and give you an example. Lets say you are going to a store. When you leave you are having a normal day. Everything seems fine and you are in a good mood. If the crowd is balanced then it is easy to stay balanced BUT if there is a high level of negativity your good mood can shift without warning or reason. You can find yourself extremely angry, borderline violent, and not understand why. Nothing physically has caused it, you don't know these strangers or what their circumstances are. It makes no sense. Conversely if you find yourself in a positive atmosphere you can become almost giddy and excited for no reason. It's not like it is something you can control. Being around sadness can bring you deep into a sad depression again for no logical reason. Here is the true test though. When you leave the environment you balance back out again. You can literally walk in and out of a given environment and take on the traits of that environment, lose them and take them back on again. We are generally taught to be logical beings so for people that don't experience the effects it is logical to try and find a rational explanation. But the effects are not rational and/or logical. All humans have varying degrees of sensitivity and intuition. It's natural, but we are talking about those sensitivities being on steroids for a lack of a better term and they can completely absorb you at any time without warning if the environment is ripe.

  21. Tazlynne says:

    I was going to tell you my story, which i began to type….i would have wound up writing a book, so i had to delete and shorten. Lets just say, because of my hypersensitivity as an empath, i have faced tremendous pain and loss. I've been abused as a child, physically, emotionally and sexually by far more than one. Endured terrible relationships. Lost my three beautiful daughters. Lost my mother and aunt to suicide. A month after my mother passed and was buried on my birthday, my house burned to the ground and i lost everything, including my 6 month old rottie, my cat and boxes of pictures from my mother's that i never even got to go through. Now, because i have not bedn able to work because of fibromyalgia and bipolar depression, child support has gotten beyond my control…now my license is suspended and i havent been able to drive for three years, I've just been stuck in the house. Surrounded by people that don't understand me and utterly stuck and hopeless.
    I wish i could get my husband to read this article and finally understand me. Having lost everything including my freedom and being completely misunderstood has made me feel like i have absolutely no purpose in this world.
    Maybe some day i will write the a book and releave my heavy heart….maybe that is the purpose of all of my suffering and loss.

  22. Catrese says:

    I’ve been wondering and searching to find out what’s wrong with me for 38 years. A few days ago someone pointed out that I am an empath. I felt she was right, did some looking, and found out that I meet every single trait. I feel free now, unburdened, and even more hopeful. Now I can stop being a hermit, learn how to protect myself, and live my life happily again. It feels amazing to finally know why I’m different, AND to know I’m not alone. Thank you so very much for publishing this, and helping so many people out there. Blessings and love…

  23. 100%Empath says:

    A blessing or a curse – definitely!
    It may seem like a wonderful thing – until the world BURNS YOU down, cuts your wings, leaves you with a broken heart numerous times and makes you lose all faith in mankind whatsoever… I still do not understand how people can be insensitive and completely oblivious to other people's situations, feelings, concerns, ideas, etc…

    I am 30 years old and this world has managed to crush me and my spirit completely… Still haven't figured out how to protect myself…

  24. Alma says:

    ‘She always knew she a had a sensitive open hearteness to her as she felt so deeply the pains of the world. Rather than hide away her pain and fear she chose to open herself to them and fall in love with the world again. The world immediately fell in love with her.’ This insight gave me hope at the start of the year when energetically things seemed very intense. We may be sensitive but in our sensitivity we find our super power! Thank you for this beautiful article celebrating our way of being and seeing. Much love for all the empaths <3

  25. Dwayne Anthony says:

    This passage is really neat and insightful. I truly feel I am an emptah. I really needed to read this today. It gave me a new view. I dont have to blame myself for being myself. I am me and I have to be happy as me. Thank you to the person who first posted this. Also thank you to the person I know who posted this. Although I am sure you mean your the empath but your a gypsy

  26. Michelle says:

    I am an empath who was born to a parent I believe has asperger's syndrome and ended up with a partner who had it as well. The number of empaths who end up with aspies is quite high actually, because they need someone to help them access and understand their emotions and we need to help people do that.

    Growing up was traumatic and really messed me up, but being with my partner has helped me over time, to slowly learn to find validation in myself instead of seeking others to give it to me.

    If you are an empath and in a relationship with someone who seems cold emotionally and a little odd or 'off' but you can't think why, research AS.

  27. Kristina says:

    Thank you so much for this article, am in my late 40's and feel its time to embrace this gift, Oh I knew from when I was very young of this highly sensitive feeling along with the third eye always going crazy, was always trying to bury it away with drinking alcohol. It has been almost 10 years since drinking, and now with healthy eating and herbal teas, am feeling more comfortable with the gift, but am still very sensitive to light and sound, much time is spent outdoors in nature with the pets. awesome post!

  28. Sherri says:

    It’s good to finally put some validity to my feelings. I am feeling blessed to have been given these traits. I’m still hopeful (I’m 60) in finding that strong person who can walk by my side and know “how to handle” me. We empaths need someone who is willing to hold on loosely.

  29. Ghe says:

    I've been through the same things, childhood abuse, bad relationships and lost my 3 kids. Child support issues. I also believe I'm an empath but after so many years of taking shit from people i see them for what they are. Most people are not good. First let me say, if you receive disability benefits you can get your child support payments drastically reduced. Look into applying based on your issues. Me, I became an escort. I'm not able to work everyday BC I have PTSD but I make enough for my needs and then some. I stay away from people and do my thing. I'm beautiful and take care of myself. I'm pretty much done with people, they never bring anything good except for money.

  30. Cc says:

    There are online support groups for empaths. Don’t give up.